The Herald Bulletin

March 1, 2010

Romantic dinner: The Nile is personal, relaxing

Owners on The Nile premises every day

By Christina M. Wright, Herald Bulletin Staff Writer

ANDERSON, Ind. – Being named the Best Romantic Dinner isn’t a surprise to The Nile Restaurant because they’ve been awarded many times for their one-on-one service and unique cuisine, said the owner’s husband Samir Naby.

“We’ve been one of the best three restaurants in Anderson,” he said. “I think it is neat.”

Naby said his wife, Angele Naby, opened the Mediterranean restaurant more than 20 years ago to provide Hoosiers with a piece of their home.

“We just really try to put our culture in everything we cook and everything we do,” Naby said.

To heighten the experience, belly dancers entertain customers on Friday nights. And Hookah is served after 8:30 p.m. every business day.

Another part of their culture, Naby said, is giving personable service. He said he and his wife are typically at the business, greeting customers and forming relationships.

“We are here all day,” he said. “And those customers are becoming our friends. And somehow, they feel more comfortable when they know that the people who own the business are there.”

Naby isn’t sure how many couples have begun their journey towards nuptials at The Nile, but, he said, he frequently hears about proposals and first dates.

“They tell me later,” he said. “Our customers are pretty close. We create friends and relationships with everybody.”

The best feature of the business is that they aim to give customers a relaxing mealtime.

“It just is not a robotic deal,” Naby said. “It takes a little longer than other dining places but you will certainly enjoy your dinner.”

And, they encourage their customers to settle into the calm atmosphere. “Just sit and enjoy, instead of rush, rush, rush,” he said. “You can see them sitting there, sipping on their wine and enjoying their evening.”

Despite the hard times that Anderson has experienced in recent years, the Nabys said it was their duty to keep their doors open.

“In spite of what’s happening here, we stuck with it for 20 years,” Samir Naby said. “Because we thought we did something for Anderson and our customers, too.”

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