The Herald Bulletin

February 12, 2010

Boy Scouts: Timeline

Boy Scouts through the years

This month, the Boy Scouts of America celebrates its 100th anniversary. Here’s a quick timeline of historic dates.

August 1907: Lord Robert Baden-Powell forms a Scout troop in England.

Feb. 8, 1910: Boy Scouts of America is incorporated by American businessman William D. Boyce.

Aug. 21, 1912: Arthur R. Eldred, of New York, becomes the first Eagle Scout.

1917: “Chief” F.O. Belzer forms the Crossroads of America Scout Band. The camp on the northeast side of Indianapolis is named for him.

1920: The Boy Scouts of America names President Woodrow Wilson as its honorary president; the first World Jamboree is held in England.

1972: Scouting membership in America peaks at more than 6 million.

1972: Madison County is in the district covered by the Crossroads of America Council. In 1972, the council was formed when four merged.

1982: Alexander Holsinger, of Illinois, becomes the 1 millionth Eagle Scout.

2006: The Crossroad of Indiana Council served approximately 35,000 youth.

2008: National Scouting membership stands at 2.83 million boys and 1.13 million adults.

February 2010: The Boy Scouts of America marks its 100th year.

2010: The Sakima District is part of the Crossroads of America Council, Boy Scouts of America. Serving youth in Madison, western Henry, and northwestern Hancock counties there are 1,400 youth participating in various Scouting programs. The district is also home to the popular Camp Kikthawenund, where the great Chief Tomalapus once roamed in current Frankton, Ind.