The Herald Bulletin

December 3, 2012

Deadline today in Guilkey mortgage foreclosure

By Baylee Pulliam
Associated Press

ANDERSON, Ind. — Today is the deadline for representatives of the former Guilkey Funeral Home to respond to a mortgage foreclose that could see it and other Guilkey-related properties sold.

According to Madison County Circuit Court 6 filings against the properties of Stanley I. Guilkey, who died last year, those properties include ones leased to the Christian Center thrift store, 621 Meridian; the Madison County Republican Central Committee, 601 Meridian; Studio X Tattoos representative Brian Fischer, and Gary Weatherford representing Weatherford, LLC.

Guilkey’s widow and estate representative Margaret Guilkey and the late Stanley I. Guilkey were also cited in the civil lawsuit.

Guilkey took out a mortgage from what is now First Merchants Bank in December 2005 on properties he owned in Madison County. The bank moved to make the debt immediately due and payable after his death in August 2011.

In its filing on Oct. 10 of this year, the bank asked for $175,883.33 plus interest, costs and expenses it had incurred, including attorney fees. It also asked that the mortgaged properties be foreclosed and sold.

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