The Herald Bulletin

December 19, 2011

'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood taken into custody

TV celebrity accused of probation violation

By Sam Brattain
The Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON, Ind. — Amber Portwood, a star of MTV’s “Teen Mom,” was taken into custody Monday afternoon by the Madison County Sheriff’s Department for violating terms of her probation.

Circuit Court Judge David Happe, who set Portwood’s probation terms, said she was arrested at the courthouse during a meeting with probation officers.

According to a report by the Probation Department, Portwood had become “a danger to herself and to society; therefore should be taken into custody.” The report cited Portwood’s suicidal tendencies (Gary Shirley, father of Portwood’s baby, called Anderson police in June after she threatened to take her own life), and abuse of prescription medications as reasons the recommendation for arrest was made.

The report orders Portwood to be held in jail without bond until her hearing Jan. 13. If convicted, she could face two years in jail. Portwood spent a portion of the holiday week last year behind bars after her arrest for domestic battery directed at Shirley.

A notification of violation was filed Nov. 23 after she was accused of battery and public intoxication in connection with a fight in November. She was also accused of failing other terms of her probation, including obtaining her GED, and completing anger management classes.

The report states Portwood failed to meet with her probation officer on Friday. Probation officers Kelsey Carter and Lauren Roberts visited Portwood at her home later that day and reported Portwood was under the influence of “a mood-altering substance.”

The officers found medication in Portwood’s home, and asked her to provide prescriptions. Portwood responded by saying she doesn’t keep documentation because her housekeeper “throws that kind of stuff away.”

Portwood did say she was given a muscle relaxer called Soma by the Madison County Health Clinic, and admitted to taking more pills than prescribed due to pain.

Portwood also advised that she was in an auto accident Thursday, and admitted to driving while on her medications. She told the officers that if she shouldn’t drive while on medication, “then why do doctors prescribe them?”

According to the report, Portwood refused to submit to a drug test Friday and again on Monday.

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