The Herald Bulletin

May 16, 2013

Two jailed in motorcycle, trailer thefts

By Stuart Hirsch
The Herald Bulletin

ELWOOD, Ind. — Two men are in jail today on drug and theft charges in connection with the theft of trailers and motorcycles that Elwood police discovered Wednesday off Ind. 37 and Memorial Drive.

Police said they recovered two trailers stolen recently from Kokomo, two Harley Davidson motorcycles valued at more than $100,000 stolen from Tipton County, an Oldsmobile stolen from Anderson, and two methamphetamine labs and other controlled substances.

Sherman Jackson, 31, of Elwood, was charged with Class B felony of aiding, inducing, or causing dealing in methamphetamine, Class D felony of maintaining a common nuisance, Class D felony illegal drug lab, four counts of Class D felony receiving stolen property, Class D felony aiding, inducing, or causing auto theft, Class D felony possession of a syringe, and class B felony dealing a schedule 2 controlled substance.

Michael Hentzell, 51, of Kokomo, was charged with Class B felony dealing a schedule 2 controlled substance, Class D felony possession of a legend drug, and Class D felony unlawful sale of a legend drug.

Elwood Assistant Chief Phil Caldwell said police took the two men into custody Wednesday afternoon. He said the trailer was sold to a Kentucky man who drive to Elwood to pick it up. He is the one who alerted police.

The trailer had been spray painted, “probably to disguise it,” said Police Chief Sam Hanna.

Caldwell said the Kentucky man was unaware the property was stolen and was cooperating with local law enforcement.

Caldwell also said the man made contact with the trailer’s owner to arrange for its return.

Officers got their first lead in the case on Tuesday and turned it around in about a day, Hanna said.

He added that a continuing investigation will likely include the Tipton County Sheriff’s Department, and law enforcement officials from Kentucky.

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