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January 8, 2014

Anderson lands 2 high-tech companies

23 new jobs to be created

By Ken de la Bastide The Herald Bulletin
The Herald Bulletin

---- — ANDERSON – Two new high-tech businesses are opening in Anderson that will create up to 23 new jobs over the next few years.

The Anderson Board of Public Works approved two $50,000 grants from food and beverage tax revenues to Go Electric Inc. and Stored Energy Solutions (SES) this week. One of the companies is also receiving $120,000 from the city for rent and hiring incentives.

Greg Winkler, interim director of the Anderson Economic Development Company, said SES is relocating from Syracuse.

“This is a unique company,” Winkler said. “They were attracted to Anderson because of the city’s energy technology capabilities.”

The company is making a $100,000 investment with plans to bring 15 new jobs to Anderson over the next two years. The annual payroll is expected to be $600,000.

Both new companies will be locating at the Flagship Enterprise Center.

SES Inc., a green technology start-up company, originally located focusing on energy conservation and recovery systems for the refuse market.

Winkler said the $50,000 grant approved was to replace a grant the company had in Syracuse. He said the city is also providing $60,000 to pay the first year rent for 15,000 square feet at the Flagship Enterprise Center and $60,000 for hiring incentives.

Bob Sikorski, CEO of SES, said the company’s Intellidrive Hydraulic Hybrid Drive Product will recapture kinetic energy during braking.

He said the kinetic energy is stored in the form of high-pressure hydraulic oil and used in parallel to assist the primary engine during acceleration. The results are reduced fuel consumption, reduced pollution, reduced brake wear and extended driveline life.

“Our biggest customer base is in China,” Sikorski said.

Winkler said the product is more costs efficient than comparable products. He said the SES system costs approximately $40,000 as compared to a price of $145,000 by the company’s competitors.

Go Electric Inc., a green technology start-up company, was recently awarded a $2.99 million Small Business Innovation Research Rapid Innovation Fund (SBIR RIF) contract for the SPIDERS (Super Power Infrastructure Demonstration for Energy Reliability and Security) micro grid project at Camp Smith in Hawaii.

Lisa Laughner, CEO of Go Electric, said the grant was awarded to the company by the U.S. Department of Defense and the Department of Energy to develop a micro-grid for the Marine base in Hawaii.

The company will incorporate cyber-secure micro grid solutions that will instantly switch to back-up generators in the event of an electrical grid failure.

Laughner said the company is purchasing two 725 kilovolt generators to be installed at Camp Smith in 2015.

“We can put some power back on the grid,” she said. “To test the equipment we needed to be grid interactive to put power on and off the grid to be able to do the test. Anderson Light and Power allowed us to do that.”

Laughner said the company has applied for two more contracts with the federal government to bring the technology to other military bases in the U.S. and around the world.

“The Department of Defense wants bases to have micro-grids,” she said. “The equipment will provide Blinkless power to Camp Smith critical loads and will assist in the overall load management and peak load shaving at the base.”

GO Electric is expected to create eight new jobs in Anderson through the first grant program.

“This is a great opportunity for the city of Anderson. These two companies point the way to the future of what our city can and will be,” Winkler said. “The innovation and entrepreneurship of Go Electric and SES are a welcome addition to Anderson’s tradition of excellence in engineering.”

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