The Herald Bulletin

October 10, 2013

Chase Street repairs near completion

By Stuart Hirsch The Herald Bulletin
The Herald Bulletin

---- — ANDERSON — The city has invested a lot more effort, resources and time repairing a dilapidated section of Chase Street between West 11th and 10th streets, than they imagined would be necessary nearly a year ago when the project began.

Anderson Street Department Director Brad Land on Wednesday said he hopes the street will reopen next week.

Officials originally estimated the repaving project — undertaken in part as homage to the late Board of Public Works member Bob Schuler — would take about a month.

But on the road to completion the city encountered unanticipated problems such as underground gas lines that needed to be buried deeper, and water-saturated clay under the intersection of Chase and 10th streets, said Land.

The gas line problem was fixed, and workers removed the clay and replaced it with 10 inches of concrete to provide a solid foundation for the roadbed. But it all took time to figure out.

And then there were the bricks.

Because of its location in the designated historic district, city officials worked with historic preservationists to salvage and use the paving bricks that formed the old road.

Workers saved as many as they could, and engineers incorporated three areas of brick into the new road design. Laying brick as a road is something of a lost art these days, and labor intensive. Several outside contractors the city reached out to last year passed on the project.

Several city employees had experience laying brick, but not laying it as a road, said Land and Steve Turner, general foreman, who’s overseeing the last stages of the project.

“We’ve worked with a lot of different people to try and get this done,” Land said

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