The Herald Bulletin

March 9, 2013

Business Profile: New store (soft) serves up frozen treats

By Baylee Pulliam
The Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON, Ind. — Name of business: Diggidy’s Frozen Treat Factory

Location: 4437 S. Scatterfield Rd.

Owner: Jason Struble

Opened: Wednesday, March 6

Hours: Noon to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday, noon to 9 p.m. Sunday.

Employees: Eight, plus Struble and his wife

Services: Soft-serve frozen yogurt and ice cream, frozen custard, sorbet and gelato

In the owners’ words: Jason Struble has eaten a lot of frozen yogurt and ice cream in the past year or so.

But scoop after scoop, cone after cone, it all seemed the same.

“Everybody does frozen yogurt,” he said. “Everybody does the same toppings. Their identities tended to blur a bit.”

So when Struble went to open his own store, he decided to take a different approach — an extreme approach.

“We’re not a frozen yogurt shop,” said Struble, who opened Diggidy’s Frozen Treat Factory Wednesday at 4437 S. Scatterfield Rd. “We’re much more than that. We’re a frozen dessert factory.”

Diggidy’s prides itself on excess. There are over 30 flavors of locally-made soft-serve frozen yogurt and ice cream, frozen custard, sorbet and gelatto — with new options rotated in weekly — and over 250 varieties of candy and other goodies for topping.

“We thought about hiring a statistician to calculate all the different combinations and possibilities,” Struble said. “But there are way too many.”

And there are some...interesting options to choose from.

The “Dragonfire,” for example, is a spicy-sweet blend of cayenne pepper, nuts and creamy vanilla gelato.

“We did so many tastings and evaluations, and decided we really wanted different, unique flavors,” Struble said.

The same goes for toppings. While it offers the traditional chocolate sprinkles and cookie crumbles, the kaleidoscopic toppings wall also features dehydrated fruit, assorted gummies and, through a partnership with the Colorworks program, all 21 colors of the M&M’s candy rainbow.

The bar has a very do-it-yourself approach, where customers can fill their Diggidy cups with their choice of frozen flavors and toppings, then pay by weight (45 cents per ounce for soft serve). They can also take a Diggidy, and blend it into a “Bomb-Diggidy” (think Dairy Queen’s blizzards).

All Diggidy’s gelato is made from a fifth-generation Italian recipe, the yogurt is certified organic and the store offers no-sugar-added flavors, which he says sets it apart from other stores.

“We don’t want to follow the trend” he said. “We want to be the future, and the best way to predict the future is to create it.”