The Herald Bulletin

April 27, 2013

Business Profile: How sweet the sound

Amazing Grace’s cakes are a little taste of heaven

By Baylee Pulliam
The Herald Bulletin

Name of business: Amazing Grace’s Cakes and More

Location: 2307 E. 10th Street, Suite C, Anderson

Owner: Grace Lowe

Opens: May 1, 2013

Hours: Currently 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Services: Cakes of all kinds — wedding cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pastries, sweet rolls, etc.

In the owners’ words: Grace Lowe’s childhood was one of fresh bread, cakes and cookies.

One of 14 kids, she and her sisters became the family’s designated chefs du cuisine, making everything from scratch in their Illinois farmhouse kitchen.

That led Lowe to an on-again, off-again baking career, culminating in her own store, Amazing Grace’s Cakes and More, which opens Wednesday at 2307 E. 10th Street, Suite C.

This store is her second. She opened the first with her sister, after years of cooking for her husband and small children.

“People I entertained would tell me I should have my own restaurant and share the good food,” she said. “So when my children were older, that is what I did.”

When Lowe decided to retire about three years ago, she sold that store to her daughter and moved back to Anderson. But “I missed all the baking,” she said. And after a few calendar pages, some part-time jobs and a lot of driving, she decided to open Amazing Grace’s here, specializing in sugary confections and deserts of all shapes and sizes.

“I guess I do have a sweet tooth,” she said. “But my pleasure in all this is to see the expressions and smiles on peoples faces when they take that bite.”

Lowe’s known for her sugar cookies and gourmet cupcakes, complete with custom decoration and fillings. But, she says, “anything you try, you will probably enjoy.”

She also dabbles in edible art, ranging from simple — try multi-colored frosting and sprinkles — to elaborate fondant sculptures as beautiful as they are sweet. Two of her favorite cake creations resemble a John Deere Combine, and something that can only be described as a “Cat Dump Truck.”

Those take some time and she’s not making any promises, but “I do like challenges,” she said. “Bring in a picture, I will do my best to make it look like it.”