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January 14, 2014

Anderson's Social Security office closed for repairs

Broken water pipe led to extensive damage

By Zach Osowski The Herald Bulletin
The Herald Bulletin

---- — ANDERSON — A water break in Anderson’s Social Security office has left the facility closed until next week and those who need to use the office have been left out of luck.

Doris Nelson, who lives in Hancock County but uses the Anderson office, said she is waiting on a Social Security disability check to pay her mortgage. Because the office has been closed since the winter storm last week, she said she has not been able to collect her check.

“They have a sign saying the office is closed,” Nelson said. “I called their national office and they said I had to go through the Anderson office.”

She said the person she talked to at the national office didn’t give her any advice on how she should proceed.

She and her husband, Don, started getting disability benefits when Don was hit by a motorist. He was left in a coma for a few months which was followed by 10 different surgeries. Nelson said her husband has been in a wheelchair ever since and has not been able to work since the accident in 1989.

Every six months, Nelson said, she needs to fill out a report to continue receiving the disability check. Usually the money is directly deposited into their bank account but something happened with the report this time and Social Security Administration didn’t receive it.

Nelson said she went through all of her paperwork at home and couldn’t find any report she had forgotten to send in. She thinks Social Security lost the paperwork or it simply didn’t get to the right place through the mail.

Because the report was not in place, the national office sent the check to the local Anderson office instead of Nelson’s bank account. But because the office is closed, Nelson has no way of getting the money to pay for her house.

Nelson said she didn’t know what they were going to do without the money. She didn’t think she could go to another location because the check is at the Anderson office on Scatterfield Road.

“That’s about half of our income,” Nelson said. “We’ve never been late on our payment but it looks like we might be this time.”

Carmen Moreno, regional communication director in Chicago, said the office was closed on Jan. 9 due to a water pipe bursting. She said the pipe burst and was leaking all night so the damage was pretty extensive. She said the office is on schedule to open sometime next week.

She said most of the inconveniences caused by the closing can be taken care of on the organization’s website or by calling the national office.

Nelson’s problem is a little different since she claims her check is at the Anderson office. Moreno advised that anyone who absolutely needed to visit an office visit either the Muncie location or the Lawrence location.

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What to do Anyone who uses the Social Security Administration office in Anderson and needs help can receive it the following ways - Visiting - Calling 1-800-772-1213 - Or by visiting the two closest locations: 660 Walnut St., Muncie; or 5515 N. Post Road, Lawrence