The Herald Bulletin

March 19, 2013

‘Restaurant and marina!?’

Lemon Drop has fun with proposed reservoir

By Dani Palmer
The Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON, Ind. — Customers and employees are used to fun little messages on the sign outside the Lemon Drop on Mounds Road.

And the words written there now certainly lighten the mood on a current topic: the proposal of the 2,000-acre Mounds Lake Reservoir that would put much of the Mounds Mall area under water.

The sign reads, “Welcome to the Lemon Drop Restaurant and Marina!?!?”

When news of the proposed reservoir broke, owner Bill Pitts fielded all sort of questions about whether his restaurant would be under water or waterside property.

It’d be the latter.

And while Pitts himself has mixed feelings on the project, he said, he put up the words “just to be humorous.”

The reservoir itself would be “good for some, sad for others.”

It would displace many homes and businesses, he added, but does seem to be a good chance to promote economic development in Anderson.

If Mounds Lake happens, Pitts said he just hopes it’s in his lifetime so he can see it.

The Lemon Drop has been an Anderson staple since 1954.

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