The Herald Bulletin

March 27, 2012

Broken neck leads to real estate career

By April Abernathy
For The Herald Bulletin

— Ted Moss used his time recovering from a broken neck to embark on a new career as a real estate agent.

“I sold Moss Glass in ’06 and decided to do something,” Moss said. “After I fell and broke my neck, I needed something to do that didn’t require lifting and bending, so real estate seemed like a perfect match.”

Real estate wasn’t just a match, it was a career Moss quickly excelled at. The Prudential Realtor is also the secretary and treasurer for the Anderson Madison County Association of Realtors (AMCAR).

“He’s one of the hardest workers I know. Ted knows nothing else but working hard,” said Justin Puckett, a fellow Prudential real estate agent. “He’s the first one in and the last one to leave.”

Moss’ interest in becoming a real estate agent grew from his interest in building homes and being a landlord for rental properties.

“It was sort of a hobby,” he said. “But really, I just like working with people.”

The enthusiastic way Moss helps his clients earned him the Distinguished Service Award from AMCAR.

He’s just a very warm and friendly guy,” Puckett said. “He’s on several committees. He’s won awards. He’s a good guy and is always willing to help other agents when they have questions.”