The Herald Bulletin

August 18, 2011

Stay at AU brings ‘brothers’ together

McAfee says camp builds team to win the Super Bowl

By Quintin Harlan
The Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON, Ind. — For punter Pat McAfee there was just one little thing missing from Indianapolis Colts Training Camp this year.

“My bed, not even a question. I love my bed. I enjoy Anderson University, obviously, but I’ve taken time on my bed to make it perfect for me and that’s what I’m excited to get back to,” McAfee said after the Colts’ final practice at AU on Thursday. “If I could have brought it here, which is what I should’ve done and what some vets do, it would have been a perfect experience.”

Sleeping accommodations aside, McAfee thought camp was a success, especially because it brought the team back together after 136 days apart due to the NFL lockout.

“I think practice is always cool but anytime you get back to be with your brothers that’s the big thing, especially after the long lockout,” McAfee said. “We had a chance to come in here, build some camaraderie here and hopefully build the team that’s going to win the Super Bowl. The best thing about camp is we’re all together. There’s no distractions. There’s nothing going on outside. We get to hang out together and learn a lot about each other, which is good for everybody and for a team in general.”

McAfee’s hair has garnered some attention during camp. He’s growing out the long blonde locks that he stuffs under his helmet for the Locks of Love charity, which takes donated hair and turns it into wigs for child cancer and leukemia patients whose hair has fallen out as a result of treatment.

Locks of Love guidelines state that hair needs to be 10 inches from the ponytail before it can be donated.

“I’ve got about another inch to go. I’m going to let it grow through the season and the cut off after the season is over,” McAfee said. “This hair will be a wig one day, which I hope helps and hopefully they’ll make it beautiful ... somehow.”

During the season, McAfee hopes to take advantage of the NFL’s new rule that moves kickoffs up to the five yards to the 35 yard line.

“I’m excited about it. It’s a long season so we’ll see how the leg holds up,” McAfee said. “If I don’t hit a lot of touchbacks this year, you’ll see a very disappointed me.”