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January 13, 2014

Scott Underwood: It's time to recognize Madison County's Best

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Each year, The Herald Bulletin engages the local community in its Best of Madison County survey.

Best of Madison County 2014 launches today, and you can make your voice heard by nominating local people, businesses and organizations for awards in categories ranging from Most Eligible Bachelor, to Best Hamburger, to Best New Car Dealership, to Funniest News Event.

The nominating and voting will all take place at Simply visit our home page and click on the Best of Madison County 2014 logo to get started.

We used to run nomination ballots in the print edition of the newspaper, but that led to several problems including pilferage from the newsstand. Most people find voting online to be easier and less time-consuming.

However, if you do not have access to a computer and still want to nominate or vote, give me a call at 640-4845 or send me a letter at The Herald Bulletin, 1133 Jackson St., Anderson, IN 46016, and I’ll make sure your nominations/votes are included.

Here is the schedule for nominations, voting and announcement of results:

u Today-Jan 22: Nominations accepted

u Feb. 3-10: Voting for top nominees

u Feb. 25: Winners announced in special section of The Herald Bulletin.

It doesn’t take long to nominate your favorites. You can choose to nominate in only one category or as many categories as you like. For the final ballot, we select the five that received the most nominations in each category.

We encourage you to be specific when you nominate. For example, if you want to nominate someone for best teacher, include their first and last names, the school where they teach and the grade level or subject matter they teach.

If you nominate a Mrs. Smith, being specific about her school and teaching area will help us determine which Mrs. Smith you mean.

The same would hold true for other categories. If you want to nominate McDonald’s for best iced tea, stipulate whether you are nominating all local McDonald’s restaurants in general, or a specific McDonald’s, say, in Elwood.

To be considered for the top-five ballot for voting, all nominees must have a strong Madison County connection. We won’t consider a restaurant, for example, if it’s located in Noblesville. We will, however, consider a person for the ballot who might live in Hancock County but works in Madison County.

The Best of Madison County is a lot of fun every year and generates discussion in the community about excellent local businesses, institutions and people. Businesses that win awards take great pride in the recognition of their excellence.

I hope you participate in the Best of Madison County 2014 contest. It’s a great way to make your voice heard by promoting the best our community has to offer.

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