The Herald Bulletin

November 2, 2013

Susie Schieve: Staying positive a key ingredient to animal rescue

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Tri Kappa Sorority has chosen the Madison County Humane Society as one of two charities to partner with this year. As I was preparing to give a talk before the ladies I realized that our shelter was incorporated and declared a non-profit 40 years ago. Wow, I thought! How far we have come and how well we have sustained all these years.

The ladies and gentlemen before me had a vision to keep the shelter going even persevering through bad economic times. Our shelter is funded by donations and fundraisers only. We do not get funding from tax monies or national organizations. We are grateful for the patrons that see our vision and help at every turn. This being said,we as directors have a responsibility to be good stewards of the money and donations. 100% of what is given to the shelter is used for the care of the animals. The directors do not take a salary. The paid employees work directly with the care and the adoptions of the animals.

I am still learning every day about animal rescue. One big ingredient is to stay positive. I am trying to see the good in every situation. For every unfit animal person there are hundreds of kind and caring people. We are thankful to the lady and her husband who brought to us 50 dog and cat beds that she had put together from donated fabric. She had so much pain in her back that she could hardly make it up the stairs, but she had a huge smile on her face. The South Anderson Veterinarians who come in early one day a week before their office hours to donate their time and knowledge. To the volunteers that give of their time and energy and to our employees that go beyond what is expected.

I must dwell on the happy endings. Courage, the blind dog that was found in a ditch north of Alexandria is now living with a family with two little boys that adore her. Nico was found on the side of a highway too weak to lift his head. After many weeks of rehab at our shelter and thanks to Kara Kenny of Channel 6 News who ran his story he is living happily in Bloomington with a single father and his little daughter. This week we had tears as General Lee our golden retriever was adopted. He came to us with heartworm. We almost lost him twice during the treatment. He is living with a couple that understand his heart issues and are willing to give him the medical care he will always need. The two dogs that were recently thrown over our fence, one already has a home.

We cannot save them all and for this I am sad, but for the 500 we will have in our care this year they will have a name, medical care, a warm bed and love.

Please spay and neuter your pets and give heart worm preventive.

Susie Schieve is the director of the Madison County Humane Society, 2219 Crystal St.,46012 She can be reached at 765-215-8235 or