The Herald Bulletin

November 2, 2013

Maleah Stringer: Dog dumped at golf course outsmarts her rescuers

The Herald Bulletin

---- — A little black, tan and white terrier mix suddenly appeared at the Grandview Golf Course about two months ago. Many who go to the golf course regularly believe that she was probably dumped.

I've named her Putter. She does not let anyone touch her. Close, but noooo. The one time someone did pet her, another person came up behind her to try and slip a leash over her neck. The well-meaning woman was rewarded with a bite to the hand and Putter ran away free as the wind.

There is little chance that she will starve. It seems that many people bring her food other than the staff who feed her several times a day. She likes sleep on the golf carts under the cart roof. She follows certain people all over the course as if she'd like to get close but is too afraid and just wants to take her time.

It's not that I'm not trying to catch her so she can be taken to a veterinarian to be spayed and to get her shots and so she can have a home. She's just smarter than me. And faster. I'm told that a live trap was set for her and she managed to eat the food and avoid the trap. I have a hard time just setting the traps, so yes, it's very possible she will outsmart me at this as well.

The Animal Protection League had a little dog house donated for her. It's under the steps where they've found her sleeping. It's cozy with a nice, thick blanket. I'm told she is sleeping in it. There are lots of people worried about her and several who say if we can catch her they will give her a home. I keep telling her that, but apparently she doesn't believe it yet.

It will take time to gain her trust. The worst thing would be that people chase her trying to catch her. Every time that happens it will make it so much harder to gain her trust. I am talking to veterinarians and animal control officers on how best to proceed. We want to get her before the really cold weather hits.

So if you go to Grandview, take food that a dog would not turn down. If you see people camped out or running around like nuts we are simply being outsmarted by Putter. She can't outsmart all of us, can she? I am hoping that she will get bored and simply let us catch her. And trust me, that's the only way it will happen — because she lets us.

We are running an adoption special during the month of November. $30, 30 days, 30 cats. Any cat at the Animal Protection League who is already spayed/neutered is only $30. This includes all shots, worming, feline leukemia test and microchip. We have lots of beautiful cats who need homes.

And don't forget all of our wonderful dogs. All our kennels are full and we have more come in every day. Please adopt a shelter animal, you are saving a life.

Maleah Stringer is executive director of the Animal Protection League, 613 Dewey St. She can be reached at 356-0900 or at