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September 9, 2013

Scott Underwood: THB editors take on new challenges

The Herald Bulletin

---- — The Herald Bulletin newsroom is fortunate to have dedicated, veteran editors to guide our coverage.

Three of those folks — Steve Dick, Janis Bowling and Scott Miley — recently took on new assignments. Each of them performed very well in their previous roles, but these new responsibilities will give them a fresh set of challenges and, perhaps, take better overall advantage of their skills.

Here’s a summary of the changes:

u Steve has coordinated our news coverage for the past eight years and will still play an important role in deciding how we use our news resources. But he is now spending more time selecting and editing wire stories, keeping content fresh on our website, editing stories and proofing pages, and helping process materials for our Commentary page. Like Janis and Scott, Steve serves on our editorial board. Steve, whose title is Associate Editor, is second in charge in our newsroom.

Contact him at or 640-4863.

u Janis has taken on the new title of Features Editor. She will coordinate our lifestyles coverage, including the content for our weekly Health, Education, Neighbors, Food, Weekend, Faith and Community pages. Janis will also take over as editor of Madison magazine and will continue to serve as a primary point of contact for the public. Janis’ previous title was Newsroom Coordinator.

Contact her at or 648-4284.

u Scott is now coordinating our news coverage, which includes supervision of our reporting staff. His new title is Associate Editor for News. Though his previous title was Features Editor, Scott has helped out with our news coverage since his arrival at The Herald Bulletin in 2008. He’s also done a marvelous job of coordinating and editing Madison magazine since ‘08.

Contact him at or 648-4230.

One other recent change in our news coverage:

u In mid-August, we added Traci Moyer to our reporting staff. Traci is an accomplished, veteran reporter and is already making a strong impression. Her primary coverage beat is business.

Contact her at or 648-4250.

Last week, this column space was devoted to the last installment of the summer Green Spaces series.

I received some positive feedback for the series, so I’m thinking of bringing it back next summer. Let me know whether you’d like to see the series resumed — or whether one summer was enough!

Anderson’s Shadyside Park, Mounds State Park, Elmo Funk Park, Jackson Park, Riverwalk and West Maplewood Cemetery; Frankton’s Otis Cress Field, Elwood’s Callaway Park, Pendleton’s Falls Park and Alexandria’s Beulah Park were featured in the series, which can be found at by searching for “green spaces.”

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