The Herald Bulletin

June 8, 2013

Maleah Stringer: Pets deserve second chances

By Maleah Stringer
For The Herald Bulletin

— Eclipse is a black and white Lab/Greyhound mix who came to us back in December. Eclipse is large and beautiful. Her owner released her because of a divorce.

Eclipse immediately started to shut down in the shelter. She stopped eating and responding. Finally someone came in and fell in love with her and she was adopted. Unfortunately, it did not work out. After only a few weeks Eclipse had to come back.

We sent her to trainer Brooke Meek at South Anderson Veterinary Clinic where they kept her for a week to be evaluated. She passed her temperament test and was deemed adoptable to the right people.

When I picked her up, I immediately fell in love with Eclipse. And because she had shut down on the kennel floor I simply could not put her back in the same situation. She lived in our office. What we came to learn about beautiful Eclipse is that she can open any door or cage door. We locked down the cage door and she chewed through it. I would leave her in my office only to turn around and she would be right behind me. We could not keep her contained.

We were finally able to put her in a kennel in the back of the garage; I believe it is only because she made a conscious choice not to escape that she was able to stay there.

She stayed in my office as much as possible and did not have a bad life considering she was in a shelter. We began to despair that she would never find a home. Her escape abilities were not a plus in getting her a good home.

Then we were so excited; the former owner came in - the one who didn't bring her to us. She did not know that he had brought her to the Animal Protection League. She wanted her back. Except for some reason Eclipse and their other dog did not get along. They could not take her.

I called Brooke desperate to find Eclipse a good place. And she did. Jennifer, another employee at SAVC, remembered Eclipse from her stay at the clinic. She liked her and wanted to give it a try as a foster. At last report Eclipse is happy and doing well. I am told she is perfectly behaved at her foster home. I told her before she left not to screw it up.

Eclipse gets another chance at life because so many people fell in love with her and would not give up. People stepped up to save her. Imagine how many wonderful animals like Eclipse we could save if we had this many people invested in their welfare. People who absolutely refused to give up?

Animals are pouring in our doors here at the Animal Protection League. We are overwhelmed. Beautiful animals who deserve a better life than living in a shelter. Please help us make a difference in the lives of these animals. Animals from this community who have come to us through no fault of their own.

Maleah Stringer is executive director of the Animal Protection League, 613 Dewey St., Anderson. She can be reached at 356-0900 or at