The shop was already heaven for the sweet-toothed person, with its chocolate covered pretzels, cream-filled bonbons, apricots dipped in chocolate, chewy caramels and chocolates in every shape and size.

Now Good’s Candy Shop will be drawing in more sweet-aholics in a different way — ice cream.

Starting today, Good’s will be selling 18 flavors or ice cream, as well as a rotation of a few flavors-of-the week, like candy-flavored raspberry.

“There are literally thousands of recipes,” said owner Randy Good. “You can make ice cream from anything. When you consider the hundreds of different candies we have to choose from — we use our own candies in the formulas — it’s endless for us.”

Among the flavors that have Good’s Candy pieces folded into them are toffee chocolate chip, chunky peanut butter chocolate chip and mint chocolate chip.

“Since we make our own chocolate, I knew that we would be good at it (making ice cream),” Good said. “I knew the benefits of making our own product. From a marketing standpoint, not only do we get to use our own candies, nuts and flavorings, we are the only independent ice cream maker within miles and miles — I’m going to guess it could be a 100 mile radius. That sets us apart.”

Good can make three gallons of ice cream in nine minutes in his new ice cream maker and is therefore constantly experimenting with different flavors, perfecting his recipes and adding candy to the mix. Last week he offered samples to several The Herald Bulletin reporters.

“We do not skimp on the chunks,” he said of his ice cream. “If it has chunks, you’ll find a big memorable chunk of something.”

Some of the current flavors that include big chunks are cookies and cream, which have large pieces of Oreo cookies, and chunky chocolate peanut butter.

“We have several with chocolate chips — for obvious reasons, we are the chocolate people,” Good said, grinning.

People who want a touch of chocolate with a different ice cream flavor can choose from chocolate chip mint, coffee chocolate chip, toffee chocolate chip and banana chocolate chip.

“(The banana chocolate chip) definitely tastes like banana. I have to try that again,” said reporter Lynelle Miller as she reached for the ice cream cup again. “Now that would be good with strawberries. It tastes like a banana split.”

The lemon flavored ice cream is Randy’s own recipe — not one found in the usual commercial ice cream books.

“On a hot day like this, it will set you free,” Good said, tasting his own creamy concoction again.

“Refreshing is a good way to describe it. It tastes like lemon meringue,” said reporter Lindsay Whitehurst, whose favorite flavors were cookies and cream and vanilla hot fudge.

One reason for its rich, creamy taste might be that the ice cream has lemon donut filling laced throughout it, Good points out proudly. Another source of pride for Good is his homemade toppings, which include fresh Indiana strawberries, pineapple chunks and chocolate and caramel syrups.

Good never liked butter pecan ice cream, but now that he has made his own version, it has replaced vanilla as his favorite. His other new favorite is lemon.

“Oh my goodness, mmm,” Good said, eating from his own cup of butter pecan. “Is it impolite to gloat over your own cooking?” he asked, laughing.

No one minded, though, as they agreed that it had quality flavor.

“This is the best butter pecan I’ve ever had!” said Ball State University graduate student Sarah Kinchelo, smiling excitedly.

Good slid his spoon into a tub creating a rich ball of chocolate ice cream.

“This is what separates the men from the boys — chocolate,” he said, placing the ice cream scoop into a plastic cup. “We should be good at that, right? And we are.”

Good is a chocolate connoisseur and has owned his candy shop for 13 years. Previously he owned Good’s Donuts for 12 years. Now, he is throwing ice cream into his dessert expertise.

“When I planned our expansion two years ago, I placed ice cream in the five year business plan,” Good said. “We met our five year goal in one year, so I just sped up our plan, and thought, ‘Well, we might as well begin.’ I just jumped into it.”

During nine months out of the year, Good’s Candy Shop would be busy, but for the remaining three summer months would close down, since business decreased during the hot and holiday-free season.

“Now we will leave the busy chocolate season and enter right into the busy ice cream season,” Good said. “Up until this year, we closed every summer for 25 years. Now both chocolate and ice cream will be available 12 months a year.”

A detail that may come as a surprise to many is that Good is lactose intolerant. In order to taste test his and other ice creams he has to take medication.

“I’ve eaten more ice cream in the last 30 days than in the last 10 years,” he said. “I’ve tasted ice cream everywhere, 200 miles away, but I haven’t tasted anything this good. But I’m biased of course — it has ‘Good’s’ name on it.”

What: Good’s Candy Shop selling homemade ice cream

When: Starting today. Hours are 10 to 6 p.m. Monday; 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday; 1 to 9 p.m. Sunday.

Where: 1423 W. 53rd St., Anderson

For more information: Call 642-2650

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