The Herald Bulletin

May 23, 2010

Marriage licenses: May 23

The Herald Bulletin

— Mark S. Haney, 47, Anderson, and Jill K. Kiplinger, 45, Anderson

Richard A. Lawrence, 51, Anderson, and Paula S. Moore, 39, Anderson

Charles M. Landis Jr., 38, Pendleton, and Christine Leanne Staggs, 42, Smyrna, Tenn.

John A. Turner, 57, Alexandria, and Keila J. Twiford, 48, Alexandria

Joshua A. Farber, 26, Kent, Ohio, and Rachel E. Barron, 26, Kent, Ohio

David Jay Sarah, 25, Anderson, and Shauna Leigh Quarles, 33, Anderson

Christopher M. Woolum, 27, Anderson, and Jennifer Michelle McGuire, 24, Alexandria

Thomas M. Brown, 27, Anderson, and Kimberly R. Masters, 22, Anderson

Wayne E. Redding, 68, Anderson, and Betty J. Welch, 65, Anderson

Ronald Lee Fulp Jr., 34, Anderson, and Maggie Diane Shook, 26, Anderson

David L. Love, 45, Anderson, and Connie S. Chilcote, 44, Anderson

Benjamin E. Briggs, 28, Anderson, and Chrystia K. Medina, 32, Anderson

Daniel W. Hinton, 46, Yorktown, and Traci D. Campbell, 44, Anderson

Nathaniel Kade Burton Sr., 34, Anderson,and Nerissa M. Jackson, 30, Anderson

Derek Tyler Moore, 26, Elwood, and Brittany S. Jacobs, 21, Cromwell

Michael P. Knowles, 24, Auburn, and Abigail E. Long, 27, Anderson

Matthew W. Kincade, 23, Ingalls, and Antionette Rosemary Hayden, 21, Ingalls

David C. Case, 29, Anderson, and Brittany D. Green, 23, Pendleton

Clarence E. Mabbitt, 57, Anderson, and Terry L. Mabbitt, 60, Anderson

Jeremy J. Gephart, 32, Pendleton, and Leila L. Mitchell, 31, Pendleton

Jonathan James Hill-Hart, 27, Killen, Ala., and Heather Ann Coppess, 25, Anderson

Brian Ray Logsdon, 37, Anderson, and Sarah Kathryn Jones, 37, Anderson

Edward D. Peavler, 36, Chesterfield, and Erika L. Anderson, 26, Elwood

James L. Lunsford, 38, Anderson, and Angela Maria Wand, 31, Anderson

Ross David Reynolds, 28, Anderson, and Lindsey M. Sharpe, 30, Chesterfield

Aaron E. George, 34, Kokomo, and Tricia J. Glassburn, 40, Elwood

Joachim S. Walker, 29, Cleveland, Ohio, and Emi E. Bays, 26, Anderson

Michael E. Adams, 62, Alexandria, and Nelda S. Poor, 61, Anderson

Brian N. Johnson, 34, Anderson, and Carrie M. Cox, 31, Frankton

Timothy Wayne Smith, 39, Anderson, and Georgette McGinnis, 37, Dayton, Ohio

Grant M. Fulton, 20, Anderson,and Rachel Jaunice Dilks, Anderson

Matthew David Andrew, 29, Alexandria, and Megan J. Isenburg, 35, Alexandria

Dustin E. Lehman, 32, Anderson, and April Nicole Branum, 35, Anderson

Jeffrey A. Copus, 33, Elwood, and Alisha K. Towner, 35, Elwood

Lindsey L. Parrish, 43, Chesterfield, and Guina J. Groce, 42, Chesterfield

Gregory S. Thomas, 38, Anderson, and Yvonne K. McNally, 42, Anderson

Gregory R. Whited, 24, Pendleton, and Leanne D. Hanni, 23, Pendleton

Edward J. Roemer, 59, Anderson, and Sarah K. Gutierrez, 53, Fort Wayne

Artez T. Holt, 31, Anderson, and Brandi N. Menifee, 30, Indianapolis

Rousseau Luzincourt, 29, Anderson, and Enkhzaya Altanbulag, 25, Danville, Ill.

Gerald L. Foster, 58, Pendleton, and Janice L. Foster, 62, Pendleton

Joseph William Gemmato, 28, Anderson, and Sondra Marie Sexton, 25, Anderson

William  R. Moore, 37, Daleville, and Shanda Marie Peacock, 24, Chesterfield

Matthew Ryan Zielich, 21, West Des Moines, Iowa, and Leah Christine Smith, 23, Anderson

Coy L. Schrougham, 27, Mooresville, and Michele Jean Dreger, 26, Anderson

Justin Donald Wilson, 32, Abington, Pa., and Kristen Nicole Rosner, 36, Markleville

Ashton James Vollenhals, 23, Anderson, and Kiley Lynn Riall, 19, Anderson

Kyle Douglas Compton, 22, Anderson, and Sarah Elizabeth Moon, 24, Anderson

J. Shannon Orick, 35, Anderson, and Brandy Jo Schlabach, 30, Anderson

Jason L. Shaw, 30, Anderson, and Raelynne Davis, 32, Anderson

Kevin R. Ellis, 41, Alexandria, and Amanda E. Ellis, 28, Anderson

Dustin W. Hall, 27, Elwood, and Samantha N. Hamrick, 25, Elwood

Daniel K. McGlothen, 27, Anderson, and Nicole Marie Sizemore, 24, Anderson

Michael Alan Sheets, 48, Middletown, and Jennifer Lynn Payne, 41, Anderson

Vincent J. Straub, Fortville, and Rebekah Mae Harris, 19, Anderson

Rodney G. Milliner, 35, Anderson, and Anita D. Dillon, 38, Anderson

Jeffrey W. Eastes, 37, Anderson, and Shannon M. Fultz, 38, Anderson

Paul A. Brough, 46, Anderson, and Nancy L. Perry, 43, Anderson

David W. Enterkin, 39, Fortville, and Josephine C. Too, 30, Anderson

Austin Taylor Goen, 21, Anderson, and Brittany L. Condon, 20, Anderson

Scott A. Litten, 40, Anderson, and Kelli A. Wood, 33, Anderson

Lewis T. Jones, 38, Anderson, and Leslie A. Winkler, 34, Anderson

Michael S. Merritt, 21, Pendleton, and Chassidy N. Hartwell, 22, Summitville

Willliam C. Irwin, 77, Anderson, and Viola May Cooper, 77, Alexandria

Ryan D. Mills, 31, Pendleton, and Amanda R. Chaffee, 30, Pendleton

Rodney G. Stevenson, 26, Anderson, and Andra R. Bull, 23, Anderson

Christopher R. Patterson, 33, Anderson, and Sarah A. Richardson, 35, Indianapolis

Victor H. Rosas-Hernandez, 23, Anderson, and Ashley N. Rogers, 19, Anderson

Jason I. Eckstein, 27, Indianapolis, and Christine E. Reed, 21, Anderson

Bobby Pariat Mihsill, 26, Anderson, and Jenny Marie Dunbar, 29, Anderson

Daniel C. DeYoung, 24, Wheaton, Ill., and Katherine E. Bartmas, 22, Anderson

Brian G. Combs, 30, Anderson, and Erica A. Hervey, 28, Fortville

Anthony W. Parran Jr., 38, Anderson, and Mileaka D. Tilford, 33, Anderson

Steven J. Brown, 55, Anderson, and Vicki L. Lambert, 58, Anderson

Paul A. Weaver, 30, Anderson, and Amber M. Rhoda, 24, Anderson

David Lee Fetters, 18, Anderson, and Jessica Renae Rains, 18, Anderson

Earl Brandon Byrum, 29, Anderson, and Ashley A. Kelly, 24, Anderson

Trent O. Brooks, 22, Anderson, and Ellie S. Filbrun, 20, Pendleton

Brian M. McKay, 35, Markleville, and Darcie L. Alford, 32,

David S. Earlywine, 39, Anderson, and Amanda J. Fix, 31, Anderson

David L. Callahan, 46, Anderson, and Traci L. Moore, 44, Anderson

Samuel T. Leisure, 48, Anderson, and April R. Shipley, 42, Anderson

Brandon S. Hiatt, 27, Pendleton, and Misty E. Vaught, 27, Pendleton

Jason Scott Arnold, 20, Anderson, and Amanda M. Ashcraft, 19, Anderson

James W. Johnson, 22, Anderson, and Amanda Jo Coplin, 22, Anderson

Jose Guadalupe Hernandez, 28, Anderson, and Maylee Jean Gutierrez, 29, Anderson

Dennis J. Stewart, 40, Anderson, and Angelia L. Wash, 39, Anderson

Dustin Robert Seale, 25, Brandon, Fla., and Wendy Carolina Pitts, 22, Anderson

Charles Anthony Boggs, 32, Charleston, W.Va., and Lacy A. Moser, 29, Elwood

Jordan Allen Lacy, 22, Anderson, and Caitlin B. Skeens, 21, Mooresville

Nathaniel John Rose, 20, Anderson, and Marissa Lynn Coon, 23, Anderson

Calis S. Sims IV, 49, Anderson, and Anastasia Husen, 40, Baton Rouge, La.

Jacob L. Harvey, 20, Pendleton, and Michelle Lynn Riffey, 20, Pendleton

Chad Louis Beetz, 27, Alexandria, and Vanessa K. Prickel, 28, Indianapolis

Mark A. Baston, 48, Elwood,and Allyson F. Lamb, 48, Elwood

Theron L. Strong, 36, Elwood, and Tami Leah Macon, 42, Conover, N.C.

Ryan Jeffrey Bowen, 23, Marion, and Christina M. Fights, 20, Anderson

Joshua S. Anderson, 22, Middletown, and Haley Mae Campbell, 22, Middletown