The Herald Bulletin

March 2, 2014

County residents: More snow not that big of a deal

By Jack Molitor
The Herald Bulletin

---- — ANDERSON — Five-year-old Van Green spent Sunday on the snowy inclines at Shadyside Park. With a fresh coat of snow on the ground, many in Madison County are simply fed up with a winter that's been filled with polar vortices, record snowfall and weeks of arctic chill. But the small boy doesn't mind the snow at all. He's happy to be outside in any weather.

Just a few weeks ago, Green was receiving chemotherapy treatments at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. Green suffered from medulloblastoma, a form of brain cancer. All told, he underwent 14 months of treatment after he was diagnosed in December 2012.

Sunday, Green got to go sledding for the first time in two winters. The best part is, he had the entire park to himself.

"He's happy to be back out," said Green's mother, Kristi Clouse.

Green said his favorite part of sledding is speeding down a snowy hill, and he was excited to get inside and enjoy some hot chocolate. For Green and his family, it's a step toward a normal life they've been fighting for. Next Saturday, the family will invite old friends and new friends they've met through the ordeal to a remission party.

"I know he's happy to be out, but I'm looking forward to warmer weather," Clouse said. "Now he can have a normal summer, too, so that's going to be even better. We're moving forward, really in all aspects of life."

Green isn't alone. Many on Sunday didn't seem to mind the latest snowy incursion. With spring right around the corner, some said they don't mind a few more inches that will soon be gone. Others have resigned themselves to the simple truths of Indiana winters.

Anderson resident Georgia Roberts went to the grocery store to pick up a few small snacks and some books. With forecasts calling for up to 10 inches of snow in the area, many store shelves were bare on Sunday afternoon. Roberts, who retired on Dec. 31, said the snow hasn't melted on her property since the day she retired. But she doesn't mind.

"I'm fine with it. I love to read, so as long as I have a cup of coffee and a good book, I don't mind," Roberts said.

Robert Holland, who just got out of the hospital, visited a pharmacy to pick up some medicine on Sunday. He said he didn't mind the weather too much, and he was just happy the roads weren't too bad in the afternoon. A few inches hit Sunday morning before a larger storm covered the region at night.

"Seasons change. It's Indiana. In one week, you can have every season of the year," Holland said. "Just so happens, we're having a bad winter. It'll melt pretty soon."

But not everyone was so nonchalant about it. One place that kept its doors open regular hours Sunday was the YMCA on Jackson Street. Jake Skinner of Anderson said he's ready for winter to be done. Skinner was taking his boys Alex and Zachary to the pool to get some physical activity in before the expected storm.

"It's been an adventure this winter," Skinner said.

Henry Landry and Shekria Vanbuskirk were heading to the Anderson Public Library for a few hours of studying and reading before the storm. Vanbuskirk said she's fed up and ready for warmer weather. Landry, on the other hand, said he can't get enough of the snow.

"In a couple of months, people will be complaining it's too hot. You can't please people," Landry said. "Bring it on."

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