The Herald Bulletin

March 2, 2014

County largely spared snowstorm, officials cancel warning

By Jack Molitor The Herald Bulletin
The Herald Bulletin

---- — ANDERSON — A snowstorm predicted to hit central Indiana like a lion on Sunday turned out to be sheepish, at least in Madison County.

After an expected morning snowfall lightly coated the region again, the area was largely spared a winter storm that passed right below the county border in the evening.

At presstime on Sunday, the county had received from 2 to 3 inches of snow, according to the National Weather Service, much lower than some forecasts, which had as many as 10 inches falling on the area. Most of that 2 to 3 inches fell during the morning session and was cleared or melted from streets by late afternoon. Ice was also part of the early system, causing slick roads and morning cancellations at some churches throughout the county.

Some parts of the county were lightly dusted in the late evening hours. Pendleton Police Chief Marc Farrer said there were flurries falling in the southern part of the county and along the Interstate 69 corridor, but nothing that seemed to be accumulating. The storm was so underwhelming in the county that the Madison County Emergency Management Agency canceled the winter storm warning about 5 p.m.

“The roads down here are pretty good. The town did a good job of distributing the salt solution,” Farrer said. “But a few places are still slick and it’s cold so there could be some ice soon.”

The snow might not be completely done, however. NWS predicted another inch of snow to fall between late Sunday and this morning. The lack of snow also didn’t prevent temperatures from plummeting throughout Sunday, and they are expected to drop even more by this morning, a quick change from mild temperatures on Saturday.

Temperatures were observed as high as 30 degrees in some parts of the county on Sunday, and after nightfall, the temperature in the city was 18. The overnight low was predicted to be in single digits, with subzero wind chill index this morning.

Today is predicted to be sunny, with temperatures turning around throughout the day and reaching 20 degrees by late afternoon.

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