The Herald Bulletin

December 20, 2013

Witnesses identify White as shooter

Motive unknown in Jordan's slaying

By Ken de la Bastide
The Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON, Ind. — After allegedly being shot by his cousin last Sunday, Quayshawn Jordan told a friend to take him to the hospital because “I feel like I’m dying,” a probable cause affidavit states.

Anderson police have obtained a warrant for the arrest of De’Auntaye White, 18, of the 600 block of West 23rd Street, on a charge of murder. He also has an Indianapolis address and had not been arrested as of Friday.

Jordan, 21, died at St. Vincent Regional Hospital at 7:33 p.m. from a gunshot wound to the right abdomen resulting in blood loss. He was also shot in the left kneecap.

Three witnesses gave videotaped statements to Anderson Police Department detectives and indicated that White confronted Jordan and fired either three or four gunshots before fleeing the scene in the 600 block of Chase Street. None of the witnesses indicated a reason for the shooting.

One witness said that he and Jordan went to Chase Street so Jordan could visit with his niece at his grandmother’s house. The witness said he parked near the apartments and noticed a green TrailBlazer, pulling an open trailer, stop behind his vehicle. Jordan reportedly exited the car and walked to the back of the vehicle when the witness saw a man wearing a gray hooded zipper jacket get out of the TrailBlazer.

The witness heard four gunshots and hid his head and face in his own lap out of fear, according to the affidavit. When the shots stopped, the witness saw the TrailBlazer speeding away. He found Jordan lying on the ground.

“Get me off the ground, take me to the hospital,” Jordan reportedly said. “I feel like I’m dying.”

A second witness, who drove the TrailBlazer, told police that White called and wanted a ride to get his cousin. They picked up another male at apartments near Ninth and Main streets. The driver said they went to the Geater Center at White’s request and the driver was told to stop behind the other car. He said White got out of the TrailBlazer and walked toward a second person who got out of the car.

The driver said he heard three gunshots and started to speed away from the scene. White climbed back into the vehicle, and the two males got out at 23rd and Sheridan streets.

The third person in the TrailBlazer told police that White was the only person to exit the vehicle.

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