The Herald Bulletin

November 12, 2013

Police: No suspects in Thursday drive-by shooting in Alexandria

Victim: It was just a normal, weekday morning

By Jack Molitor
The Herald Bulletin

---- — ALEXANDRIA — Police are investigating an early Thursday morning drive-by shooting just outside the city limits.

There are still no suspects and no known motive, according to Madison County Sheriff's Department Maj. Brian Bell, who confirmed that the shooting happened in a subdivision just outside the city proper at about 6:30 a.m.

"This isn't something that's going away. We're going to keep working on it throughout the week," Bell said. "Right now, we think this is an isolated incident."

What started as a typical, quiet weekday morning turned into a terrifying scene for homeowner Lisa Bogue, who said she considered leaving the home where she lives with her husband, Robert Bogue, and their 5-year-old great-granddaughter.

"Right now, we don't know if we were just unlucky and it was something done out of the blue or if someone is mad at us for something," Bogue said.

According to Bogue, she had just woken up and was going through her morning routine with her great-granddaughter, whom she was getting ready for school. It was still dark outside, and Bogue turned the lights on in the front of the home and peeked out the blinds of a porch window to see if her great-granddaughter's school bus was outside. When she saw it wasn't, she sat down on a couch in the front of her home.

That's when she heard gunfire.

Two bullets tore through a wall and another penetrated the steel front door. Bogue immediately knew what the sound was, and hit the floor as fast as she could. She said the bullets ricocheted around the home, and one smashed a mirror and blew glass everywhere. Bogue immediately ran to her great-granddaughter to shield her from harm, and her husband ran outside to see who had fired.

"He didn't see a thing," she said.

Bogue also said she didn't see anything out of the ordinary when she peered out the window. Bell said witnesses reported hearing a vehicle drive away after the gunshots. Bogue said the whole thing seems suspicious. Neither she nor her husband knows of anyone who would want to harm the family. According to her, the only person she remotely suspected had an alibi and has been ruled out by police.

"It just seems really strange," Bogue said. "It's as if someone was watching, knew my morning routine, knew I would look through the blinds and started shooting when they saw me. They had to have been out there when I opened the blinds. I keep them closed at night for that very reason."

For now, Bogue said she's trying to get things back to normal, but she's extremely concerned for the safety of her great-granddaughter. She said even her neighbors have become leery.

"I'm very unsettled," Bogue said. "And you don’t know if someone was out to get you or if you're just unlucky. The scary thing is they could've easily shot through the window."

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