The Herald Bulletin

April 26, 2013

Woman wanted for probation violation found with meth

By Jack Molitor
The Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON, Ind. — A woman wanted for a charge of theft in Hendricks County was allegedly found with methamphetamine Thursday night.

Camy V. Smith, 27, of Anderson faces charges of possession of meth and maintaining an illegal drug lab after Drug Task Force officers found solvent, ammonium nitrate, stripped batteries, hydrochloric acid and numerous other implements for producing meth in her mother’s home in the 2400 block of Melody Lane.

According to a probable cause affidavit of the incident, officers marked Smith purchasing pseudoephedrine earlier in the day using drug-tracking logs. Pseudoephedrine is the key ingredient in homemade meth production, and it was the 13th time in the past year Smith had made purchases. Indiana limits the amount of pseudoephedrine someone can purchase over a period of time and Smith had already been blocked twice in the past year.

Officers found she also had a warrant for her arrest on a charge of theft in Hendricks County from July, 2011. According to court documents, Smith pleaded guilty to the theft last November and was placed on probation. She apparently violated her probation in March and a warrant was issued.

Officers searched the home and found evidence of previous meth labs in a trash can in the basement. Smith admitted to buying and cooking meth for herself and friends. She said some other people come to the home occasionally to cook.

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