The Herald Bulletin

May 14, 2013

No one injured by explosive device found in Elwood

By Baylee Pulliam
The Herald Bulletin

ELWOOD, Ind. — ELWOOD — Workers hired to clean an empty rental house in Elwood Tuesday morning found what was later confirmed to be a bomb.

The homemade, glass pickle jar explosive device was found in the 1800 block of South F Street.

At around 11 a.m., they called the Elwood Police Department, who called the Delaware County Bomb Squad.

They confirmed the jar was a shrapnel bomb, which are designed to throw nails, ball bearings, needles or other small pieces of metal. The shrapnel from this bomb could have traveled around 100 to 200 feet, depending on explosive capacity, said city spokesman Jeff Howe.

Officers quickly determined the device did not have a detonator and made it safe. The fast action helped “avoid a dangerous situation,” said Elwood Police Chief Sam Hanna.

Howe said the house was empty and its last occupant left in late April. Elwood police are investigating past renters and following other leads, but have no persons of interest at this time.

Elwood police are asking anyone with information to call Capt. Scott Bertrum at 552-3376.

“I would encourage any citizens having information that would be helpful in our investigation to call us immediately,” Hanna said.

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