The Herald Bulletin

October 6, 2012

Tina Alvey-Davis: 'Excited, and always smiling'

Elwood native killed at Army base by soldier husband

By Abbey Doyle
The Herald Bulletin

ELWOOD, Ind. — Tina Alvey-Davis was so full of life and energy that she could rarely sit still, her mother, Linda Alvey, joked.

“She’d always have to be doing something,” Linda said. “She was happy, excited and always smiling.”

Adding to Tina’s exuberance were her sons, now ages 13 and 10. Her love for them was “crazy,” Linda said.

“When she went to her oldest’s ball games you would think it was the World Series,” Linda recalled. “Her eyes sparkled when it came to anything with those kids.”

Tina, 29, was killed Feb. 21, 2007, after her husband, 2nd Lt. Bryan L. Davis, 28, slit her throat. He then shot himself, committing suicide in the Fort Benning, Ga., home the two shared. He had completed officer candidate school a few months before and had been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Linda, along with Tina’s best friend, Heather Chandler-Robleto of Anderson, knew of the abuse Tina had suffered at the hands of Bryan Davis. The night before the murder, Heather spoke by phone to Tina who said she planned to tell her husband she was leaving him. That was the last call the two friends ever shared.

Tina saw the best in everyone, believing people should receive several chances to improve their lives.

“She was little but she was very tough,” Linda said. “She would do anything. Tina was fearless and always wanted to try something new. That’s why she joined the National Guard.”

Linda and Tina’s father Steven Alvey — who is a Vietnam veteran — were proud of their daughter, especially when she decided to join the Guard. Linda joked that she was worried about her safety, of course, but knew there was no telling Tina what to do.

A native of Elwood, Tina moved from the city about 10 years ago. Tina, who was taking classes to become a nurse, was still a member of the Guard when she was killed.

“What happened devastated the whole family,” Linda said. “It is hard to get over something like that. We never thought she’d be in a relationship like that. She was the type of person that wouldn’t let anyone control her. She was such a vibrant and independent person. But he did. He controlled her.”