The Herald Bulletin

September 29, 2012

Amanda Wiles: ‘Beautiful inside and out’

Daughter killed by mother’s estranged boyfriend

By Abbey Doyle
The Herald Bulletin

— Betty Dietrich was convinced her granddaughter wouldn’t make it through high school.

It wasn’t that Amanda Wiles fell short as a student; actually, she was very bright. But she was definitely not a morning person. Even after Amanda grew into adulthood, Betty would call to be sure her granddaughter got up in time for work.

“I am so proud of the woman she became,” Betty said. “She was so beautiful inside and out, and I loved her very much. She was very, very special. We were close.”

Amanda, 31, was shot and killed by Roy Parmley, 53, the estranged boyfriend of Amanda’s mother, Terri. The June 9, 2012, attack took place at the Lapel-area home the women were sharing after Terri broke off her relationship with Parmley a few days earlier.

Friend and former co-worker Diane Wilson described Amanda as an “old soul in a young body.”

“She was the most forgiving person I’ve ever met,” Diane said. “She could see faults but never focused on them, always saying, ‘We all have that, but we are going to focus on the positive side.’ She was always such a joy to be around.”

Amanda’s best friend since grade school, Elisha Hernandez, said the void in her life left by Amanda will always be there. The two communicated, even if only by text, every day.

“Every step we took in life was together, side by side. We completed each other’s sentences,” Elisha said. “We never fought as friends, and the time we spent together was cherished. People have come and gone in our lives, but we remained soul sisters. My life is so empty without her. But I’m happy I had 23 years with such an amazing woman.”

Friends say Amanda had a passion for trying new things. She dabbled in a variety of careers, always trying to learn more.  

She was a chatterbox, friendly and a strong force, someone who championed “girl power,” Diane said.

“No matter how many times she was knocked down, she always found a way. She always knew there was more out there, and she strived for it.”