The Herald Bulletin

October 20, 2012

Daniel Clark: 'Such a strong heart'

Man mowed down by girlfriend

By Abbey Doyle
The Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON, Ind. — Daniel Clark had a million-dollar smile.

His older brother, Joe Clark, said Daniel was happy and a free spirit.

“He worked for everything he had and was one of those guys who would give the shirt off his back to help someone,” Joe said. “He was a very nice guy.”

Daniel, 46, was killed Aug. 28, 2004, after he was struck by his girlfriend’s car.

Jennifer Brady, now 42, was convicted by a jury of aggravated battery in connection with Daniel’s death, a lesser felony than the murder charge she originally faced. She was sentenced to six years in prison but has since been released.

Police said the couple, who Joe said had been dating for about nine months, were arguing in the drive-through lane at the Taco Bell on Broadway. Daniel got out of the car; Joe said he was probably walking away from an argument. Brady then drove off down Broadway but suddenly made a U-turn. At a high rate of speed, she hit Daniel “knocking him into the air” before driving away, according to court documents.

“Many have parents die in an automobile accident, but never have I heard of one so brutal and so inhumane,” said Nicole Seaburn, Clark’s daughter, during Brady’s sentencing. “And he didn’t die right away. He lived for 11 hours. ... My first thought when I walked in (the hospital) was, ‘That can’t be my dad.’ His head was swollen. The only way I could tell it was him was his hands when I held them. I memorized them.”

Joe said Daniel was a skilled welder, certified by the United Auto Workers. He’d done that his whole life.

“Daniel was a wonderful man,“ he said. “We were very close. Growing up we did everything together.”

Joe said he always respected his brother’s independence, pointing out that Daniel moved from home at 16 and made it on his own. “I had so much respect for him,” Joe said.

About a week before he was killed, Joe said Daniel told him he planned to leave Brady and he was afraid she may do something to hurt him. Joe said he suspects that Brady ran his brother over because he’d attempted to break up with her.

“It’s tough being here without him,” Joe said. “I miss him. He had such a strong heart, and now he’s gone, and I don’t have a brother.”