The Herald Bulletin

October 6, 2012

Kristina Thompson: 'Such a loving person'

Elwood woman killed soon after man's release from jail

By Abbey Doyle
The Herald Bulletin

ELWOOD, Ind. — Kristina Thompson lived to care for others. It was a trait she showed while helping residents at Parkview Care Center.

“She was such a loving person,” her sister, April Thompson, said. “One day, one of the nursing home residents told her they wanted sherbet but didn’t have the money. Kristina had $7 to her name but went out and bought him some.”

She was getting ready to start nursing school so she could do even more.

Kristina was killed March 2, 2008, by her estranged husband, Robert Lamberson, who shot himself after shooting Kristina in front of their then 4-year-old daughter. It all came down less than 24 hours after he’d been released from jail. He had been arrested for violating a protective order Kristina had filed.

The family never saw the violence coming.

“It is something you see in the news, not what happens to you,” April said. “With domestic violence you hear, ‘He only hit me one time.’ Well, that one time is enough. Robert had only hit Kristina one time. That was it.”

After that earlier attack, Kristina filed for divorce and a protective order.

“So many people think domestic violence isn’t a big deal or it’s common,” April said. ‘It’s not OK. Get out.”

Kristina, a 26-year-old mother of two, loved being a mom and was great at it, her sister said. She was friendly, outgoing, ambitious and creative — a sister figure to those in her life, April said.

April said Kristina was enjoyed the simple things, driving around and listening to music with friends or her sisters.

“She wasn’t the type to be stuck in the house all the time,” she said. “She loved having fun.”

Kristina was the middle of three girls, including April and Shannon, but treated a friend, Veronica, just like a sister. They were close.

Kristina’s tragic loss continues to affect that tight-knit group noticeably in the way they treat each other.

“We make sure we never leave on bad terms; make sure we always tell each other we love each other,” April said. “We realize now even more how much that means.”