The Herald Bulletin

February 11, 2014

Editorial: Time is now to give to United Way

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Many of us — certainly not all — tend to decompress following the winter holidays. January becomes a time to regroup mentally and financially. And on top of that, many of us also prefer to stay indoors when it’s bitterly cold out.

Put those together and some folks can forget those in need.

But there are still those who need job training, mortgage assistance or after-school programs.

In part, that’s why the deadline has been extended for the United Way of Madison County’s 2013 campaign.

In 2012, the local agency helped provide $570,504 for 15 programs related to financial stability, $226,195 for six education programs, and $150,267 for eight health programs.

That is substantial investment in the community.

But there’s only one sure way for that good work to continue. Donations need to come in from business owners and individuals who may not have stepped forward in recent years.

The United Way serves so many residents that its programs may touch a neighbor, an employee or customer of local businesses. Funding assists such groups as the Homestart Early Learning program through the Hopewell Center, the At Home with Books service at the Anderson Public Library or job training and education development at the Anderson Impact Center.

Currently, the United Way of Madison County has suspended its grant cycle for 2014. Current recipients will be funded as dollars are available. The overall campaign was seeking $1 million but now the deadline is extended.

Everyone benefits from United Way programs. So it’s time to step up for businesses to again help their community.

The winter holidays are over. The snow may be gone soon. This is a great time to consider giving to United Way.

Even though the deadline runs through February, don’t wait.

Making a contribution now will help those who need it.

How to give To contribute to the United Way's campaign: ◆ Visit ◆ Call 643-7493 In summary United Way of Madison County has extended its campaign deadline. This is a great time for businesses and individuals to make an investment in the community.