The Herald Bulletin

February 27, 2014

Editorial: Honoring all Mr. Basketballs overdue

The Herald Bulletin

---- — At a ceremony last week, Anderson High School honored three winners of the coveted Mr. Basketball award at halftime of a boys basketball game.

The recognition given to Anderson graduates Roy Taylor and Kojak Fuller along with Madison Heights product Ray Tolbert was deserved in every way.

What has been puzzling since the high school converted the old Madison Heights gym to the “Teepee” once the Wigwam was closed, is why the uniforms of two Mr. Basketballs, Troy Lewis and Johnny Wilson, were put on that gym wall without the other three.

It is understandable that if the uniforms of Tolbert, Taylor and Fuller were unavailable for display, they couldn’t have been put up alongside those of Lewis and Wilson. But the question became, why not wait until all five were available and could have been displayed at the same time?

Certainly all five are deserving of all accolades given as just one Mr. Basketball is given each year and based on their high school talent and accomplishments, all five were good choices for the award. Getting the Mr. Basketball award not only brings honor to the recipient, but also to their teammates, their school and the community.

Anderson High School is to be commended for including Tolbert on the wall. While the gym was the home location where the Pirate played his prep games, the school is no longer Madison Heights. The fact that Tolbert was given a place of equal honor was a great decision. There were no Mr. Basketball winners from Highland High School.

The high school also should be proud that very little time elapsed between the honor ceremony last week and the time that those uniforms went up on the wall.

Some questions have also been raised about why no girls players have been accorded such an honor. That one is easier to explain. No girl who has played for an Anderson high school was ever given the award of Miss Basketball. That further explains why the winning of such an award is given such a place of honor given the immense talent of girls who have played in this city.

It would seem now that all is right with the uniforms now hanging and the honor bestowed. Perhaps the next step might be to honor some of the coaches who put in long hours for many years helping these athletes to reach this lofty stature. It seems a shame to give the impression the status of Mr. Basketball can be accomplished without help.

In summary Adding Roy Taylor, Kojak Fuller and Ray Tolbert to the gym wall at Anderson High School was right thing to do.