The Herald Bulletin

December 29, 2013

Editorial: Development along I-69 good cause for optimism

The Herald Bulletin

---- — New retail outlets. New restaurants. The city’s first roundabout. A new college campus. New auto dealerships.

Promises of development along Interstate 69 near Scatterfield Road don’t ring hollow anymore.

Last week, a work crew was busy demolishing the old Sheraton/Ramada Inn, which had seen its better days long ago, near I-69 and Scatterfield Road. The demolition will add to a 15-acre area, creating more space for retail shops and restaurants at the Applewood Centre, firing a shot across the bow of Noblesville in the battle for consumers.

If the Applewood Centre plan, which includes a roundabout to keep traffic flowing, comes to full fruition, an attractive array of hotels, restaurants and shopping — coupled with horse racing and the casino at Hoosier Park — will make Exit 226 an increasingly alluring destination, the sort that can draw more and more people from south and north alike.

Add in a new Tom Wood auto dealership that will be built at the site of the old Holiday Inn (most recently Garden Hotel) on the east side of Scatterfield, as well as the new Myers Autoworld and Ford Autoworld site taking shape farther to the north on the thoroughfare, and the Scatterfield attraction for consumers multiplies.

Meanwhile, the new $24 million Ivy Tech Community College campus planned for a 38-acre site along I-69 just to the west of Scatterfield Road will seriously upgrade Anderson’s post-secondary education offerings. Ground could be broken as early as March, and students could be pouring through the doors of the new Ivy Tech by the fall of 2015.

A clean, modern campus (like the one off I-69 in Marion) and a robust Applewood Centre can have a symbiotic relationship, with a healthy portion of as many as 1,900 students stopping to eat and shop nearby before and after classes at Ivy Tech.

Bids for contract work on the new campus were recently opened, a palpable step toward the site becoming a reality. So, you can’t blame Andersonians for being excited about the prospects.

More shops. More restaurants. A new campus. New auto dealership facilities. It’s nice to dream a little, particularly when the vision is focused enough that you can clearly see it taking shape.

In summary Promises of development along Interstate 69 near Scatterfield Road don't ring hollow anymore.