The Herald Bulletin

April 8, 2013

Editorial: Sign up to donate organs and improve, save lives

— It would be easy this week to get caught up in the competition that makes the Nick Muller Memorial Baseball Tournament such a wonderful event. All of the teams from the county will battle throughout the week for the championship, which seems to grow in stature every year.

Yet that would be missing the point, really.

The tournament was conceived for two much more important reasons. First is to remember a very special life, the one lived by Anderson High School student, baseball player and son, Nick Muller, who at the age of 16 died in a tragic automobile accident in 2000.

The second is to call attention to the need for organ donation. It is a need that Nick understood. It was through that mature realization on his part that several people had their lives extended or the quality improved upon his untimely death.

There are about 120,000 people nationwide and over 1,000 in Indiana who need organ transplants. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that 18 of those people die every day. In most cases those deaths are not necessary.

April is National Donate Life month; more can be learned about that at

Closer to home there is the Indiana Organ Procurement Organization ( Through that site or at an Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles branch, anyone can become a donor and give the ultimate gift to another person in need.

At the National Donate Life site there is a saying: “I wondered why someone didn’t do something. Then I realized I am someone.” We all can be someone who gives aid in this fashion.

Through Nick Muller, every April the need for organ donation comes front and center. It is a need that never dissipates. It is a gift that will mean so much to the recipient and to all of that person’s loved ones.

It is bigger than who wins a baseball tournament; it is a way to win at life. All you have to do is visit or register to be an organ donor when you get your driver’s license renewed.