The Herald Bulletin

March 17, 2014

You Said It: About the reservoir, pit bulls and firearm bill

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Each Monday, The Herald Bulletin publishes “You Said It,” a compilation of reader comments from coupled with responses by the newspaper’s editorial board.

The Audubon Society is opposed to the proposed Mounds Lake reservoir because of concerns about how it will impact Mounds State Park. (Article published March 10.)

u “Phase II will definitely expose some very toxic news; however, everyone should be aware of their soil, air and water. The $600,000 is well spent on unearthing Anderson, Madison County and Delaware County involvement with our rich history in manufacturing and industry as a whole. Transparency gives the answer.”

u “The water has found its place over the eons. The Native Americans settled here and honored the environment that it provides. Let’s not let a bunch of greedy real estate agents and developers change the face of this land forever, just to benefit a few.”

THB: There are many pros and cons of this proposed venture and many findings yet unexplored.

Rep. Terri Austin, D-Anderson, is upset over how Senate Bill 229, which was originally about gun buyback programs for arms confiscated by law enforcement officials, has now morphed into a debate between school safety and Second Amendment rights. (March 10)

u “Common sense is where we need to go with this ... If someone comes into school with malice in their heart ... i.e. intending to use a firearm to shoot someone, that is attempted murder or murder. The law making it a felony for law-abiding adults to have a firearm in schools only prevents law-abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves and the children. The criminal is already planning murder. You think that a law prohibiting the firearm is going to stop them?”

u “Making felons out of honest people who have a firearm locked in their car is a travesty of justice!”

THB: The final version makes it legal to have a gun in a person’s car out of sight. If the gun is visible, that could be a misdemeanor, and anyone who took a gun out of the car while in the parking lot would face a felony.

An Associated Press story last week suggested that attitudes and laws against pit bulls have begun to soften. (March 10)

u “There is nothing wrong with this breed, just the owners and irresponsible breeding.”

u “Nothing wrong with pit bulls; have one now and have had several in my life. All were great dogs that were not vicious as they are often portrayed in the media.”

u “They always get a bad rap! It’s the owners who are irresponsible. They are a very loving breed.”

THB: Agreed, there are vicious dogs in every breed just as there are vicious people. It’s all in how they are raised and trained.