The Herald Bulletin

September 18, 2013

Editorial: Dickmanns' generosity makes Anderson a better place

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Few people have given as much to the community of Anderson as Charlie and Hazel Dickmann have given.

Charlie, 94, is an Anderson attorney who takes pride in the longevity of his practice, located in a beautiful building at Jackson and 10th streets. A bust of Abraham Lincoln, one of Charlie’s heroes, stands in the lobby.

His firm, now known as Sansberry Dickmann Freeman Builta & Cook, has been based in downtown Anderson for 162 years, making it by some counts the oldest business in Anderson.

It’s one thing to hang around a long time. It’s quite another to work tirelessly and give selflessly to make the community a better place to live.

Over the years, Charlie and Hazel have served on many boards and committees, providing leadership through good times and bad.

Charlie has made a good living, no doubt, as a shrewd and energetic businessman. And he has given back liberally to the community. No fewer than 13 endowments administered by the Madison County Community Foundation have been established by the Dickmanns.

The most recent of these is an endowment to assure that Town Center Park in downtown Anderson is well cared for in the present and future. Thanks to the Dickmanns’ generosity, proceeds from the $100,000 endowment will fund maintenance, improvements, activities and programs at the attractive little park nestled between the YMCA and the Paramount Theatre.

Lots of people in Anderson know Charlie and Hazel Dickmann. Both are community treasures who will be remembered fondly long after they’re gone.

But their kindness extends beyond the realm of their friends and business associates. It extends to thousands of people who enjoy the benefits of their endowments and other efforts.

The true spirit of giving is reflected in the efforts of those who give without the assurance of recognition. The Dickmanns’ charity will live on in the positive impact it will have on people decades into the future. Many won’t even know the Dickmann name; but they will know the benefits of Charlie and Hazel’s generosity.

Just think of children playing in the water jets at Town Center Park. They romp and frolic, knowing only that the park is there and that they’re having fun. That’s enough to make people like the Dickmanns smile.

In summary Charlie and Hazel Dickmann continue to show leadership through community contributions.