The Herald Bulletin

April 6, 2014

You Said It: About hiring veterans, winter driving fines and fundraisers

The Herald Bulletin

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In a letter to the editor, a resident opined that veterans deserve a fair chance in the local job market when the city hires new employees. (Published April 3)

• “Right on!”

THB: The sacrifices that veterans make for our freedom and our country certainly entitle them to our respect and a fair shot at any job.

Madison County commissioners approve ordinance setting penalties for motorists ignoring travel advisories on rural roads in severe winter weather. (April 2)

• “I know some employers will write an employee up for missing work even on those restricted days. ... What if an employee loses their job because they are not allowed out on the roads? Will the city find them a new job?”

• “This is about as stupid as it gets. Typical legislative knee jerk reaction!”

THB: Understandably, authorities want to keep motorists off the roads in winter storm conditions. However, the roads are meant for travel, and people need to get to work and to other destinations even when heavy snow and ice strike.

The staff Apple Critters Day Care sells T-shirts to raise funds to help with medical expenses for a child’s mother who was critically injured in a traffic accident. (Published March 30)

• “Thank you so very much! Dawn is my niece and has always spoken highly of Apple Critters and their staff. I am delivering Dawn's T-shirt to her today, and I know she will be thrilled!”

THB: It's amazing how folks and organizations in Madison County step forward to help others when tragedy strikes.

A traveling toilet is flushing out funds to raise money for a county fire museum. (Published March 30)

• “Okay, so we were flushed by Pam and Tim Stires while we were in Florida. We opened our Facebook, and there it was on our front lawn. We paid the fine and are contemplating the next victim!”

THB: A creative idea for a great cause!

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