The Herald Bulletin

July 22, 2013

You Said It: About the Wigwam, Ivy Tech, sexual assault

About the new Ivy Tech campus and the Wigwam problem

The Herald Bulletin

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Editorial: New Ivy Tech campus will aid education, economy (Article published July 13)

THB: Good news, 52 percent finally agreed that it was a good idea, but 48 percent thought it was not. Those percentages are dismal. Everyone in this community needs to see the value of education and make a commitment to support it at each level or we are doomed.

Should it stay or should it go? What to do with a fading Wigwam. (July 16)

THB: Roof condition debate aside, just what to do with this elephant is a big concern for this community and, really, it all comes down to money or the lack of. The glory days of basketball are gone, probably not to return. Empty buildings are a magnet for vandalism. Sometimes you just have to know when to let go.

Elderly victim of sexual assault released from hospital. (July 18)

THB: Let’s hope the police catch this guy and fast. In the meantime everyone should be vigilant and report anything or anybody that they think is suspicious. Take the APD’s advice: watch out for well-being of your neighbors, young and old, and lock doors and windows.