The Herald Bulletin

April 22, 2013

You Said It: About bombings, the Madison County Community Health Center and Speck’s

The Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON, Ind. — Each Monday, The Herald Bulletin publishes “You Said It,” a compilation of reader comments from coupled with responses by the newspaper’s editorial board.

Farm cleanup, where hundreds of dead animals were found, may cost more than $30,000. (Article published April 19.)

THB: Absolutely, if this couple is found responsible they should shoulder the cost, not us.

The Madison County Community Health Center will honor its donors at a special reception Thursday, April 25, from 6 to 8 p.m. (Article published April 16)

THB: This health care facility is a great addition to this community, serving those who are underinsured or have no insurance. Many thanks to those who keep it up and running.

Boston Marathon blasts shock the nation. (April 16)

THB: Another senseless tragedy that puts all Americans on edge.

Speck’s Pet Supplies closes Anderson store. (April 17)

THB: The vaccination clinics will be sorely missed by lots of area residents. Nowhere else locally to get that service for that price. The Madison County Humane Society does offer lower-cost nail clipping and micro-chipping services.

Mayor Kevin Smith, Interim Economic Development Director Greg Winkler and Rob Sparks, executive director of the Corporation for Economic Development, traveled to Hannover, Germany, as part of his continuing efforts to promote foreign investment in Anderson. (April 6)

THB: Economic development is part of his job. This city trio met with seven firms that have shown interest in investing in the U.S., why shouldn’t that be in Anderson?