The Herald Bulletin

April 2, 2013

Editorial: With right leadership, county golf tournament can flourish

— The Madison County Golf Tournament used to be a premier event on the central Indiana golf calendar. Players from adjoining counties would become members at a city course just to qualify to play in the summer event.

There was a time when the event would turn away those who wanted to compete because the field was full. That time has long since passed.

The final time the Madison County was held was in 2006 and, according to what remains of the records, just 18 people entered a tournament that used to close its doors after 120 had signed up.

Now Anderson Country Club professional Scott Steger is teaming with Fall Creek Golf Club professional Jim Phillips to take a big swing at reviving the tournament.

Steger knows a thing or two about excellence in golf. As a senior he helped Anderson High School to a state championship. He then played at Ball State before turning pro in 1976. His reputation, dedication and love of the sport makes him an ideal person to put this plan in motion.

All the plans revealed thus far point toward a strong effort to involve golfers from all around the county and all skill levels. Steger plans to make personal contact with all of the courses in the county. He also plans to include flights based on the golfers’ handicaps so even a weekend warrior who regularly scores in the 90s will have a place.

The dates for the tournament are July 27 and 28. The first round will be played at Fall Creek and the second at Anderson Country Club. Both are challenging venues. The tournament will offer county golfers the chance to play at Anderson Country Club, which is normally only available to club members and their friends.

The entry fee of the tournament is going to be about the same as playing a couple of rounds with cart at any of the courses in the county.

Some of the best sporting traditions in this county have been altered or have disappeared for economic reasons. Not many will come back. This is one that can but it is up to the golfers in Madison County. The fairway is wide open, and so is the opportunity to put this event back on the map.