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April 14, 2013

Editorial: You Said It

The Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON, Ind. — About dead animals, westside

development and shorter school days

The amended version of Senate Bill 189 would let the state’s top-graded high schools opt out of a state regulation that requires them to provide students with six hours of instructional time each school day. (Article published April 9.)

u “Why would the public schools even think about shortening the hours our children put into school and in the same breath talk about year-round school? Makes no sense.”

THB: This bill, if passed, would shorten the school day for the state’s top high schools only and allow

more flexibility to create innovative (school) schedules that best fit their students’ needs,” said Rep. Todd Huston, a Republican from Fishers who authored the bill’s amendment.

Hundreds of animals were found dead on a farm near Summitville. (Article published April 10.)

 “This is crazy and very sad! Who ever owns these animals should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. AND then left to STARVE!”

 “why...why...why...would anyone let this happen?”

 “He should not be allowed to ever buy another animal, no way ....

 “It makes me sick to even think of how much these poor animals suffered. Sick people who obviously still have not a single ounce of compassion after knowing just what was found...”

 “Non-preventable” deaths? If withholding food and water leads to “non-preventable” deaths of animals living at the mercy of these two people and they feel this has been blown out of proportion, then perhaps prison time with access to a medical dictionary and a Bible might be of some use to the Aults.”

THB: A tragic, disturbing story that is still playing out.

The Elwood Police Department launches Hispanic outreach program. (April 8)

 “What an inspirational story! Good luck Mr. Davis in all you do. If more people were like you this world would be a better place. Elwood is so fortunate to have you on the police force.”

THB: Forward thinking for the Elwood Police Department, may other area departments take note.

Madison Park Church of God Senior Pastor Jim Lyon will leave the church June 30. (April 11)

 “Such a wonderful guy. Madison Park is a healthy and vibrant church with solid leadership all around. They will continue to thrive. God will use Jim to take the movement to new heights. Exciting days ahead.”

THB: With his new post at the Church of God Ministries he will continue his work of making a difference.

A Herald Bulletin editorial opined that the city needs to act faster on westside development around the site of the former Edgewood Plaza and Kmart area. (April 11)

“If I was opening a business, the west side is the LAST place I would want to open one. Until that area cleans itself up there is little chance of it being redeveloped. The city can’t force people to open shop there. The area would be far better served by turning the area into green space and calling it an accomplishment.”

THB: Of course the city can’t force businesses to locate to this area, but they can be more aggressive in their search. Point well taken about cleanup. Every side of this town needs to cleaned up, with the warmer weather resident need to start in their own backyards and front yards too.