The Herald Bulletin

September 12, 2013

Editorial: Keep on truckin' Anderson

— Most workers in Anderson will back up this claim: Breakfast jump-starts the day; lunch is a signal that the end of the work day isn’t too far off; and dinner is best when all the day’s labors are over.

But at that midway point, when lunch is beckoning, wouldn’t it be grand to share a meal with others who feel the same way we all do about work? That brings to mind the city-sponsored effort known as Food Truckin’ Thursday.

Once a week, vendors are rolling their way downtown to sell food from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Citizens Park Plaza at Main and Ninth streets. The effort showcases local food vendors and gets cooped-up workers a chance to walk in the fresh air. Or bike. Or even drive and sit outdoors while eating.

As simple as it sounds, this meet-and-eat is just the right item for workers whether it’s $2 tacos, $3 pizza or $2 ice cream.

More than 60 people showed up for the first event last week. They were entertained by local guitarist JT Sifuentes.

The concept was inspired by Levi Rinker, the local artist who now works with the city parks department. He brought residents the popular Walking Man art project last year. Rinker, who has the city’s arts interest in mind, now has our appetites on his menu.

But for an idea as simple as this to work — bring food within an easy reach for workers — residents will have to make an effort in getting to the trucks. Once there, enjoy the food and atmosphere.

Keep on truckin’, Anderson.


In summary Food Truckin' Thursdays is a perfect way to spend a lunch.