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August 19, 2013

You Said It: About Camp Tanglewood and consolidated emergency dispatch

The Herald Bulletin

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The local Girl Scouts’ Camp Tanglewood has existed for nearly 40 years. But if scout officials can’t get money to pay the lease soon, the camp’s future is in doubt. (Article published Aug. 12)

u “Let’s support our fellow Girl Scout Camp and buy a cook book! I am going for the Dutch Oven Book.”

u “After a council merger a few years ago, Camp Tanglewood was sold by the Girl Scouts to Anderson Community School Corporation. The three Girl Scout service units in Madison County sell cookbooks as a way to raise money and pay the $2,500-a-year lease for the camp. Madison County Girl Scouts use the camp year round for meeting, events and camping.”

THB: We hope the Girl Scouts can keep this camp, which has been in use by the scouts for many years. It’s a great resource for scouting endeavors. Fundraisers can be difficult in the current economy. ACS Superintendent Felix Chow has expressed a willingness to help the scouts? Does ACS, an entity with more than $1 million surplus, really need the Girl Scout money?

Madison County police and fire dispatch is continuing to move toward a consolidation of every agency in the county. (Aug. 11)

u “The county already contains two towers. One is in the center of the county on County Road 500 North and the other is down in Pendleton, However, the Pendleton location has a much smaller coverage area since it is a lot closer to the county boundaries. There is also the old dispatch tower for Elwood that is linked to the main system now. Even with this coverage, the system still struggles to cover the county, mostly just because it is getting old and outdated.”

u “It really is beneficial to have one centralized dispatch. It is better for officer safety!”

u “Consolidation sucks! I know, I was there. When we (original county) took all ya’ll on, it was terrible pressure. We had to wait for you (Alex and Elwood) to get an understanding of our radios, computer programs and rules. Personally, even though I am no longer there, I would worry about dispatchers. What will happen to their benefits and pay?”

THB: Consolidation of every county agency in one dispatch makes sense. It will allow for better communications and, in an emergency, nothing is more important than getting the word out quickly to responders.

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