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July 8, 2013

You Said It: About Father Bob, animal shelter overcrowding and St. Vincent trimming staff

About Father Bob, animal shelter and St. Vincent trimming staff

The Herald Bulletin

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After 29 years, Anderson’s Catholic parishes say goodbye to the Rev. Robert Williams. (Article published June 30)

◆ Father Bob, just wanted you to know how much your work and dedication have touched many in the community that are not of the Catholic faith. Even when those in your parish talk about your works, it has influence to those outside of the church. May you go in love and peace and continue to have such a great influence in your new community. Anderson and surrounding areas will truly have lost a treasure. From someone you have never met but has heard your words through others. Thank you.

THB: What? Who will make the noodles now? Seriously, a spiritual leader who will be missed in this community.

Maleah Stringer, executive director of the Animal Protection League, talks about the severe overcrowding at the shelter in her column. (June 30)

◆ Getting the word out more that there is a clinic that does spay/neuter services very reasonable may help, maybe start a donation campaign where pet owners can get a voucher against a donation fund to get their animals fixed.

THB: How many times does this same message have to be broadcast? Spaying and neutering animals is the only way to conquer this problem. Pet owners, be responsible; if you cannot afford to vaccinate, spay or neuter, do not adopt or buy an animal.

Editor Scott Underwood’s column explores local parks and other outdoor areas. (July 1)

◆ The Elmo A. Funk Historic Eighth Street Park is one of my favorite places in Anderson. Thanks for highlighting it!

THB: Look for more articles on the area’s green spaces in Monday editions of The Herald Bulletin this summer.

St. Vincent Anderson Regional Hosptial cuts 23 from its staff. (June 29)

◆ The real story — health care systems, including St. Vincent, are building fancy, one-stop health systems in order to attract all of the Obamacare bucks to their area. They moved on ( because, in the end — it is the law ) and planned for change, taking the money from traditional clinics and hospitals. It will work and it is inevitable. Take a look at Exit 210 at Hamilton Commons. I can visit the doc and have most all testing done in under one hour. Then hop over for lunch, a drink, a movie, shopping, banking, etc.

THB: Interesting theory,but in a press release from the hospital system, the Catholic-based network blamed changes brought on by the Affordable Care Act and cuts to Medicare reimbursement for the staff cuts.

Rick Bramwell extols the virtues of picking wild raspberries in his outdoors column. (July 4)

◆ Black raspberries in season ... one of life’s simple pleasures. Even better when there is a breeze to keep the mosquitoes from being too much of a nuisance. But still worth the effort.

THB: Let’s add lemonade, porch swings and popsicles to this list of simple summer pleasures. Enjoy.