The Herald Bulletin

May 16, 2013

Editorial: Sonny Ray’s area needs close scrutiny

The Herald Bulletin

— This is a serious situation at Sonny Ray’s Bar. Three shootings in a month? That’s out of hand.

The most recent one, on May 4, claimed the life of J’Arius Beck who died of excessive blood loss due to a single gunshot wound. No arrest has been made.

The other two shootings did not result in death but very well could have.

The gun play around Sonny Ray’s — Beck died in the parking lot — is a disaster waiting to happen to surrounding businesses or passers-by or simply people driving down Madison Avenue.

Police are still trying to determine the events leading up to the killing of Beck. With alcohol, possibly drugs and certainly guns involved, however, the motive may be secondary to the opportunity. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be much of a need for motive anymore. A gun erases problems. Intoxication and guns are a deadly combo and will continue to be so.

No one has come froward to police to identify the shooter although someone has to know who did it and why. Whoever is protecting the shooter is not doing himself or his neighborhood any good. People who shoot other people need to be put into the criminal justice system. There should be no free passes for killers.

This kind of gun play is what is happening in Indianapolis and Chicago where innocent victims lose their lives for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We can’t tolerate that in Anderson. Police need to actively patrol that area and residents need to be able to confide in police about what is going on before more people are gunned down.

Police say the area around Sonny Ray’s has the second highest crime rate in the city, so some special attention needs to be paid to that area from police and city officials to neighborhood residents and area businesses. Gun play is not good for business.

We hope this matter is dealt with before more people die.