The Herald Bulletin

November 30, 2013

Editorial: Festival of Trees boosts holiday spirits, Paramount

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Nothing will get you in the holiday spirit like visiting the Festival of Trees at the Paramount Theatre Centre & Ballroom in downtown Anderson.

The brightly decorated trees on display there through Saturday will make your imagination soar with holiday delight. And don't forget to spend some time with Larry Davenport's Christmas Village train display. It's sure to conjure nostalgia for a simpler time.

The Festival of Trees is one of two primary fundraisers (the other is the upcoming "Dancing Like the Stars") for the Paramount, a jewel of downtown Anderson.

Most Andersonians will remember a quarter of a century ago when the wonderful old building was targeted by the demolition ball. Thankfully, concerned citizens banded together and raised money to save the Paramount.

Today, the Paramount hosts entertainment and cultural events, bringing new life to the downtown. But it is in nearly constant need of repairs, plus funding for utilities and to support the staff that keeps it running.

That's where the Festival of Trees comes in. It starts each year with a gala and auction, where the aforementioned Christmas trees, decorated by talented local folks, are the stars. Also auctioned off are wreaths and vacation packages.

This year, the gala and auction were conducted Saturday, Nov. 23. As always, it was a bright and cheery event. By the end of the night, $47,000 had been raised for the Paramount.

The slate of Festival of Trees events continued with its official opening this past Saturday, including the "Children's Magical Christmas" that morning. The festival will be open at the Paramount noon-4 p.m. today, 4-7 p.m. Tuesday-Friday and noon-7 p.m. Saturday, the final day of the festival. Admission is just $5 for adults and $1 for children 5 years of age and younger.

Take a tour to see the spectacular Christmas trees and wreaths, as well as the Christmas Village train display. Even if you're an old Scrooge, it will rouse your holiday spirit — and help provide funding for the Paramount.

In summary The Festival of Trees will send your holiday spirit soaring -- and provide a boost for the Paramount Theatre Centre & Ballroom.