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September 15, 2013

You Said It: Sept. 16

About pit bulls, trashy yards and the purchase of Mallard Lake

The Herald Bulletin

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Executive director of the Animal Protection League, Maleah Stringer, discusses pit bulls, the misunderstood dog breed in her column. (Article published Sept. 7)

"Every day, we see injustices aimed at bully breed dogs and it is very nice to see a voice of reason interjected into the madness that surrounds them. Thank you for taking the time to be their voice."

"Pit bulls were once known as the 'Nanny dog' for children because of their gentle nature. Don't believe it? Look it up. Only humans can be blamed for the change to this wonderful breed."

"Wonderful column. There are too many ignorant and intolerant people in this world. Thank you for highlighting the importance of common sense."

THB: Even a Yorkie can be mean if trained that way. It's a human problem, not a dog problem. Give the breed a chance.

Primus Mootry's column of Sept. 11 discusses Anderson's west side and 'passing the 'eye test'?

"The solution to the problem requires focused, coordinated action from all parties who care — local and state government, our great service organizations, the university community, the faith community, and so on. Why aren't the residents of this area listed in the 'parties that care?' When I drive through the area (which I try to avoid), I see areas full of trash. Yards not mowed. Multiple cars and indoor furniture in the yard. It doesn't matter how much money you have, if you own or rent, if you are single or married, young or old, there is NO excuse for trash in your yard. Don't blame this on the government, or race, or income levels. If the residents of the area don't care and are too lazy, nobody else will either.

THB: Agreed, it is everyone's responsibility to keep their own area clean (remember that one from kindergarten?) and it is not just the west side. If you drop it, pick it up; if it needs mowed, mow it and if it doesn't run, have it towed!

An affiliate of Best Way Disposal, Bex Farms, has purchased the Mallard Lake Landfill property but says it has no plans for a landfill. (Sept. 9)

So a waste disposal company buys Mallard Lake but has no plans to use it for waste disposal? Got it.

THB: Coincidence?

A Frankton standoff ended peacefully last week with an arrest and safety precautions were taken at Frankton Elementary School. (Sept. 12)

The school handled this situation GREAT! My children had a normal day and their school day was not interrupted. I know other adults who were at the school when this took place and they were very happy with the way this was handled. Kudos FES!

THB: Good that the standoff ended peacefully and that school was uninterrupted.