The Herald Bulletin

September 21, 2013

Editorial: High school sports quality entertainment

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Each year the fall high school sports season seems to begin a bit earlier than the year before. As a result, it is often nearly over before the Halloween decorations start to appear.

This year is no exception.

Today the girls golf teams enter into sectional competition with the state tournament awaiting two more weeks down the road to culminate the season.

What all that means to the local sports fan is that there is no time like the present to get out to your favorite high school and enjoy what remains of the fall sports schedules.

In addition to girls golf, there are football, boys and girls soccer, boys tennis and girls volleyball teams deserving of your support.

With recreational funds still extremely tight, attendance at high school sporting events has been dwindling for several years. That makes each person who goes to those events even more critical, not just for monetary reasons, but also to help make the athletes feel that the long hours of practice are worthwhile to people beyond their own family and friends.

Besides, money spent to watch high school athletics remains one of the best entertainment bargains available.

Some events are free of charge and even the ones who do have an admission cost are much less expensive than the college and professional counterparts.

Before long the winter weather will take sports fans indoors for basketball, wrestling and swimming. Until then, there is only a few more weeks to enjoy fall athletics.

In summary With the weeks of the fall season slipping away, there has never been a better time to get out and follow the high school athletes.