The Herald Bulletin

September 24, 2013

Editorial: Dig deeper this year for the United Way

The Herald Bulletin

---- — The United Way of Madison County helps fund about 20 local nonprofit institutions that give a variety of help to people in need. Food, shelter, health care, education and other necessities are provided by local United Way agencies.

Each year, the United Way embarks on a fundraising campaign. The 2013 campaign was launched a week ago at the Anderson Town Center, where United Way officials announced a goal of $1 million.

If the community can donate that much, the United Way of Madison County would be eligible for matching grants and other sources of revenue to bring the total to $2 million.

The need in the community for services provided by United Way agencies is perhaps greater than ever. Madison County’s poverty rate is 19 percent, according to a U.S. Census estimate from 2011. That means one in every five people in the county doesn’t have enough money to afford life’s essentials.

Paying bills can be difficult for those with income well above the poverty rate. Just imagine what it must be like for those living in poverty.

Would you miss an additional $10, beyond what you pledged last year, out of your weekly work check? Many people wouldn’t even notice it being gone, but that money can mean a lot for a United Way agency. It can go a long way toward helping someone in need.

If you don’t have the money to give, consider serving as a United Way volunteer. People and their talents are needed, too.

This year’s $1 million campaign goal is certainly ambitious, given that the highest total raised by the annual campaign in the past three years is $860,000. But, working together, Madison County can reach $1 million and beyond. Lots of our neighbors are depending on it.

How to give For information about donating to or volunteering for the United Way of Madison County, call 643-7493 or visit