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October 7, 2013

You Said It! About pastor, judge's ruling on rape suspect, ACS

The Herald Bulletin

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Grace Baptist Church Pastor Leigh Crockett dies after long battle with cancer. (Sept. 27)

◆ “I have known Pastor Crockett, Beth and their boys since I was 5 years old. I attended Indiana Christian Academy for 13 years and I have the fondest memories of Pastor’s sermons and jokes. I may have not always agreed entirely with views set by the school church and leadership, but my respect always remained intact for ICA, Grace and the leadership. It was under Pastor Crockett’s preaching that I became a Christian. I was 8 years old.”

◆ “If it weren’t for Pastor Crockett I would not have become a Christian and be saved. He led first my kids and then myself to the Lord. Even though I stopped going to Grace Baptist I never stopped thinking about him and now I wish I had picked up that phone and called him to tell him how much he impacted my life.”

THB: Crockett left a lasting legacy for his church.


Judge Thomas Newman has ruled that suspect Iquise Taylor is not competent to stand trial in connection with the rape of a 93-year-old woman. (Article published Oct. 3)

◆ “Judge Newman is tough on criminals. If the accused cannot assist in his own defense he has to rule the accused incompetent or he will just be overruled in appellate court.”

◆ “Logansport State Hospital is not exactly a vacation destination. Having to stay there indefinitely or until you are competent to stand trial is basically like a life sentence.”

THB: That’s the American justice system; if the suspect can’t assist in his own defense or doesn’t understand the charges he needs the help of medical professionals.


An editorial published Oct. 2 implores the new interim ACS superintendent to keep focusing on ISTEP scores.

◆ “If I were going to build a house, I would start with a solid foundation. If students were taught a solid of phonics they would be successful readers and the rest would come easier. Successful coaches are strong on the basics.”

THB: Agreed, the basics are very important.


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